[WIP] Sci-Fi Spaceship (Remy Paul Concept)


Started to block out the main shapes of the ship, still some more blocking and adjustments that need to get done.

Tomorrow I plan on wrapping up the blocking and properly start adding the panelling.


The concept:


Slow day today as I haven’t touched this for a few days so still getting back into the swing of modelling.

Started work on seperating out the panels.


Started work on the rocket engine…


For the most part, I’m now finished with the top side panelling.

Work on the engine is needed, but thought I’d do a breakdown of the main details at the moment… still lots of work and detailing needed!


Some more panelling work… but mainly work on the engine and a few details here and there on the main ship.


Started to play around with some of my Kitbash models to add some details quickly… Probably one more day and the top of the spaceship will be finished to a rough standard and then I’ll start blocking out the landing gear and underneath.


A couple more renders to show progress from different angles…


Some more detailing to body work, and a few more kitbash pieces…



Some more small surface details…


I’ve been working on the underneath panelling. No to add hatches for the landing gear and then the landing gear itself.


Started work on the landing gears, now just for the hatches and then working out a bit more of the mechanics of them…


Render with a floor…


Hatches have been added to the underneath…


Finally started to work on this model again. Completed the first draft on the textures, but there is definitely more I’d like to achieve.


Another render from a different angle.


Finally somewhat finished!