[WIP] Sci-Fi Firearm (Tom Davis Concept)


The beginnings of another project… Since graduating from Staffordshire University, I have been working on some new models for my showreel.

This Sci-Fi blaster is based on Tom Davis’s concept which can be found here.

Today I’ve started with just blocking out the main shapes in the model.


Started to high-poly model some of the components. Still adding the main forms before adding the small details to the asset.



Besides from fixing some of the topology I’m pretty much done with the front barrel of the gun.


Added some details to the reload switch…

Tomorrow I’ll start work on the lighter grey section and I’ll also add the sight to the top.


Finally started to make some more progress with this weapon…

I’ve done a few bits today, tomorrow I plan on adding some more small details before unwrapping and then texturing in Substance Painter.

Quite a bit to get done on the white part of the gun and I’m not happy with the top sight.


More detailing done today… Got to finish the back of the gun, and add some details to the grip, unwrap it and then start the texturing process.


Finally, it’s time to start unwrapping this model!


First texture pass and test render.




Finished Project