WIP - New Stance Media - Critiques welcome


Hello to all. I am new to this forum. I thought a good “how do you do” would be to post my website and let you all critique it and let me know what you think.

There are some major things wrong with it as it stands now:

  1. The background is not aligned right under some resolutions
  2. It’s a little bit jerky.
  3. There are about 5 different fonts (can’t decide on a good one yet)
  4. The links to the wallpapers don’t work.
  5. Some of the navigation buttons open test movies, don’t be alarmed.

[edit] A Link would probably help[/edit]

New Stance Media

Thanks in advance!






Edit: It works now, and I’m on Cable.

Well my main problem is that most of the text is very difficult to read, especially on the about page. The audio panel took me a while to find, probably because the ‘Audio’ title is so small and unclear.

Overall the site is good, but it could still be improved by making things such as text stand out a lot more prominantly.



I just loaded it. Are you on a dialup connection? If so, It might take a minute for the preloader to hop into action.



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