WIP: Nerdy Dwarf


Ok, I changed the body shape to get him to look more dwarfish, but still give him that “skinny” dwarfish look. Gave him pants to his chest and highwaters. Droopy socks. Pointy elf like shoes, which I always found nerdy. And also a big belt with the end sticking out.

I would like to know if anyone thinks I should add more details for the belt (ie: notches in belt, belt straps for the pants, little poiny thing for the buckle to go into the belt)? I don’t know If these things are necessary for this cartoony character, but he might be realistic enough to require them. Please let me know.

Also, any other comments are alway appreciated.


Very very good. Great design and it is very readable as a nerd. I like the pants much better and love how they’re too high. hehe

Mayber the shoes should/could be black. Ya know like how guys used to wear them, white socks and black shoes.
I think the belt needs holes. And something about the beard is too uniform I think. Other than he is swell. Oh he might need hands. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hands! :slight_smile:

I was just using base colors now, but the black is a good idea for the shoes. If I put holes in the belts (I don’t know how I will do that) I might as well add the belt straps and pointy thing. I’ve had the comment from a friend that the beard was to uniform. I will probably add some turb to my length map to make it look more messy.

Thanks for the comments. Anyone else?


Ok, I’m about as done as I’m getting. RIght now my temp is 100.6 and rising so I won’t be able to do anymore.

Eggington 2001 rig placed in him. Might be a little off, because I don’t know how to rig at all :S. Hands might also be a little off, but I’m not used to building hands. Thanks to Colin Freeman’s Tut for that, even though mine aren’t that good. No Smartskinning or Fan Bones applied

I got rid of the beard, because he looks more nerdy without it. Besides Dopey didn’t have a beard, and he was a dwarf.

Made a pocket protecter and the Abacus 3000 for him. Neither are rigged.

Now all I have to do is wait for that set of Wegg’s.

Let me know what you think. I’ll be in bed for a while :slight_smile:



I think you perfected the nerdy look! I agree about the beard. Nice job! I love how ugly his ill-matching plaids are together and the way his pants are hiked up real high.




Thanks for the reply Jim. I said I was going to finish this guy for the contest, win or lose. I got as far as I could with being sick now.

If Wegg is willing to host him after the contest if over I will probably give this guy over to the public just for the hell of it. I’m certain someone can get him rigged alot better than I did.


Hope you’re feeling better.

I think a Forrest Gump pose would be perfect here. Ya know, where he places his hands on his hips with the palms on the hips and the thumbs forward?

The skin looks a little too white, particularly on the ears.

I think he is great. Excellent choice of materials. Well done!!


He’s looking fantastic! I agree with you, much nerdier without the beard. I think the pale skin suits him, but a little red in the ears couldn’t hurt. How did you end up making the plaid?

Hope you feel better soon.


I have a pair of pants like that! I feel a little insulted…
You’ve hit it right on. Very Nerdy.
Looks great!


Very good job. Nice textures and concept. I like the abacus too




Thanks for the comments everyone. I wish I could have done more, but I am still having serious problems with my pc so couldn’t get to it. I just posted the same final image I have here to the final image post.

Thanks again everyone.


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