WIP: Nerdy Dwarf


Hey, Model is looking great! Nice to see that he is coming along.


Thanks for the comments dagoos.


Sorry the Tartan plugin isn’t working…I’m not sure what version of AM it works on, it doesn’t say and I haven’t had a use for it yet.

Enhance AM has a plaid that you can check out here:


Unfortunately, it’s not part of the free stuff they have.

There’s a plaid located here:


You might be able to modify it for your purposes.


itsjustme: Even though it doesn’t work, thanks for helping anyway. I’ll see what I can do with that one plaid mat.

Thanks again.


I got the facial decals done. The clothing is just a base so far. Haven’t added wrinkles or materials as of yet. My real problem is the hair.

As you can see my material is picking up on the color of the patches beneath it. I am using a diffuse color and length decal for the hair, but it is still showing the underlying patch colored hair instead of just the decal diffuse color.

I really need an answer to this. Otherwise I have no clue how to continue. Please help with this.



Zaryin, Does your hair diffuse decal have areas of solid black? When I import a new image to use for a decal, A:M always assigns black as the key color, so any black in your decal won’t be applied to your model. If this is what’s happening in your case, expand the image triangle and right-click/control-click on key color and choose “not set”.

This is the first thing I can think of that may be the problem.



I actually have an Alpha channel on the color decal, but it is all black. Maybe it’s the alpha that’s screwing it up.

I’ll try it out.


Jim: If I set it to “not set” all the white areas in the hair beard of mine go black. What I am looking for is a way to get rid of the white area. I don’t want any hair in that area.

Is this not possible? How did you get you beard and eyebrows? I’m assuming you used a decal…?



You should not be using alpha channels with hair decals. You should make the decal image large enough to cover the group of patches that contain the hair emitter. Your image should be black wher you don’t want hair and white where you do and shades of gray where you want shorter hair. Losing the alpha channel should do it.



Hey Jim for some reason this isn’t working for me. I tried it on a simple 4 patch square and it’s like a certain area just wont pick up my length map.

I found a crappy workaround right now by building patches underneath the skin and having the hair on that. I must be doing something wrong in placing it or something.

I will post again if I actually get it working correctly for me.

Jeff B.


too funny!

I’ve seen that face before walking into our finance office!

wonderful expression!


Thanks hoochoochoochoo, I’m hopeing to be able to work on him more later today.

Jim: It seems to be working now, but now i have to redo some of my maps sigh. At least it’s working now. I don’t know what was worng. Thanks for the help Jim.


Zaryin - I do still tend to try economise where I can with patches or splinage.

Not ALL the wrinkles are complete spline rings - some end in hooked joints to smooth out the flow of the “cloth”


Ah, thanks for that :). I was never good with clothing. Even when drawing I suck at clothing. I think clothing is the hardest thing to do, in any medium.


I got it working. Done with the hair (except for maybe some hair guide stuff for hair coming out from beneath his hat.

Time to start working on those creases and folds in the clothing ;).

Thanks for viewing. Comments about it so far are appreciated.

Jeff B.


He’s looking great so far! The hair suits him.


Looks like really fun character! Very nice work! :thumbsup:


Thanks for the comments so far, guys.

I did notice that some of my hair is going through the top of my ears, so I will need a little tweaking still :).


HAHAHA He’s looking great. Def got the nerd thing goin there.


Thanks for the comment, modernhorse.