Yes, great shirt design, I like the tie-dye a lot!

I liked the headband look you had going earlier. I’d almost like to see a bald head poking up out of the headband. Maybe with some flowers in it…like, flower power, man! (Just my thoughts, though.)

Very cool!



An update…I haven’t had much time this week but here is where I am so far. He definitely needs some eyebrows and needs to be textured. This may be as far as I get before the due date though.

I also went a bit backwards - more toward the original sketch (minus the hair). Any other suggestions?

Kind of a mute point because I really don’t believe I have a chance to win (just wanted to have some fun and improve) but, … a couple of days ago while looking through some of the other’s posts, I read that it was agreed upon that we also had to have the model rigged and with a certain rig. This was the first I have heard of this. I came in late when someone posted an invite to the animaster list. It sounds like I may have missed a lot of the discussion and what was agreed upon earlier somewhere else. So is this required too? It wasn’t mentioned in the Weggs mini-challenge post. It might take me a while.


It is looking awesome. I wouldn’t worry about the rigging part too much. This was the first time we’re having this contest, and I’m sure we can ignore some of the rules for this first one … maybe. :).


Hey, your character is coming out really well. was a fun model to watch from concept to finish. As far as the the rig is concerned I would use whatever rig you like. I dont think anyone here will mind.

ps. I see your from Rochester pretty soon we will have enough people in the area to have our own users meeting :slight_smile:



He looks GREAT! Nice character and proportions. I love it.

Just because the rig to use was discussed doesn’t mean it was decided upon. If it wasn’t in the rules than it’s up to you.



oh my god! He looks EXACTLY like one of my old design teachers from college!
Great work!


I like all the costumes that he has. He is lots of fun. I also like the way that lip-synk would be a breaze with him.:thumbsup:


John - He seems to be the ken doll I never had. Actually, I am real bad at texturing and can’t find a color or look to go with that loud tye-die;)

Dagoos - An upstate NY users group! Maybe?! It might be hard, we are just so spread out - a lot of territory ( from Buffalo to Syracuse). I thought about sneaking up to Toronto once. They have a big group there I believe;)



Maybe you could scan in some denim for the vest texture.

He looks great!



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