Here is a quick sketch of my dwarf. It kinda looks like Jerry Garcia or Santa Clause at the moment. I am going simple and cartoony because I can’t draw or model well. It’s a start though. Hopefully I’ll have the time to do the work and finish. And by all means, if anyone else out there was going to go with something similiar, do it.


This is my favorite so far! Start modelling!



LOL! That’s great. Can’t wait to see that one.


“favorite so far”… I am turning all gushy and red.
Thanks for the encouragement and participation!
like I said, I can’t draw or model too well just yet.
One thing I am running into, is having to flip normals a lot. My question (two parter), Is/wasn’t there a make double-sided comand in AM or am I mixing it up with other software. And two, is there a procedure/technique to help predetermine the direction of the normal. I thought I remember reading something on the list but can’t find it.

AM 10.0j


Just to show that I actually am working when I have the time and to show that I can’t model…here is a pic of where I am so far.
I also have had a few crashes but I don’t think I can knock them up as bugs as I was just doing a lot and they were not repeatable.


Fantastic so far!

As far as the flipping of normals…I’m not aware of a way to predetermine it, I just make sure that back-facing normals aren’t visible and while modeling I also check the “display normals” box. If there is a way, I’d be curious to know as well.


Working on the face a bit… I’ve had AM for quite awhile and have tried to model seperate body parts (noses, mouths. etc.) and all kinds of other misc. inanimate items, but this is the first time I actually put them all together.

And I figured out the VB code this time!!

And I am just wanted to say how amazed and in awe I am with what I have seen on the list:eek:


Cool! He looks great! Definitely a dwarf, just looking at what you’ve done so far. Keep going! This will be fun to see evolve.



I’m glad ot see another one coming bacjk. For a second there I thought it would only be three of us trying to finish.

It’s looking really good so far. I also can’t wait to see the Garcia lovin’ dwarf get groovin’


Thanks guys!

Hope to get it done by the end of the month! And if I don’t, it looks like I can use/finish it for the ‘christmas’ Hash Contest due the first of Dec;)

Ho! Ho! Ho!


A wireframe of what I have so far.

Question: I understand part of this was to help find and report software bugs. I have had quite a few minor but annoying bugs with selections and groups but have not sent in anything to HASH because I was not using the latest version of AM (They change so fast and thus the problems may already be fixed.) Should I be or is that just for those running 10.5l


The body’s proportions are excellent! He looks jolly. The beard is very well modeled. Much better than the stuck on one I tried on my dwarf.

If you don’t have the latest version, there is no sense in sending in a bug report that they won’t even accept. They aren’t going back to v9.5 to fix it. (Just my opinion, not an official decision by anyone.)



Looking really good! Can’t wait to see this guy finished. Lots of personality in him. Great job! :thumbsup:


Great Job so far. He is going to look good when he is done.


Oooh. I’m looking forward to seeing this guy finished. You guys are inspiring me to start modeling at home.



I had the hardest time with hands and feet! So I owe a big thanks to Colin Freeman and his Cooper tutorials!


Now …to finish his head and vest and jewelry. And Texturing! All in 11 days!

Also, is anyone working on the common set that we will be using?



He looks great! Nice job. There is one area that I think needs a little fixing. The area where his nose joins his forehead, there seems to be a large bump there, like he walked into a door. Try to smooth that out so it blends into his forehead better.

Wegg was supposed to be making the set, but he seems to have disappeared.

Hello, Wegg?



Thanks Jim.
His face has taken a beating with me behind the wheel;)

A quick nose job and other minor changes…


I am not done modeling by a mile. Hopefully I can finish in time. I just took a break and tried out some color.


I love the tie-dye (or however you spell it :)). I say keep it.