[WIP]Harold [Obnomauk]


Excellent job, David! The hair/fur looks fantastic!

I’m sorry I missed most of this contest. I went through some family issues and some work issues that took up alot of my time.

Hopefully next contest!



Thanks Guys,

I’m still pretty happy with him but wish I had more time to texture… I’m going to clean up some things in there and will be making the model and materials available for download.

hopefully someone will have the time to put a little polish on him and re-post him for the community. :slight_smile:



Would love to see the pics, but everything’s coming up rosy-red X’s for the images…


huh… no http access to my account on hash’s server weird… well the ftp still works. I’ll have to email will and see what’s going on.

here is a direct link to the final image



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