[WIP]Harold [Obnomauk]


Reposting all this stuff to replace what the attack on the server ate:

Not sure if I have the time for this or not so if progress is sporadic… well that’s why

anyhow here is the preliminary sketch. will try to get the modeling started asap.



Well this is all I have time for today. Might spend some time on it tonight but will likely have to wait till tomorrow.



this was posted by the kamps so I just pasted a copy that I had:

Hey, sporadic is my middle name! Believe it or not, it will be hard to keep up with you.
Great start and glad to have you onboard.

Toby Sporadic Kamp

and with that out of the way I should be able to get back to modeling today :slight_smile:



well this is all I have time for today. not 100% happy with the hands there, but pretty pleased with how the ears worked in to the head. once I sort out the hands and get them to my liking I’ll do the Copy/Flip/Attach (this is just two of the model in the chor one scaled -100 in the X) and then all he should need is the inside of the mouth rigging and textures.



Fixed the hands
did the C/F/A
built the inside of the mouth
assigned patch colors to start organizing the mesh for texturing
decaled the eyes

I might have some more time for this tonight but I’m not sure. I’ll at least be able to rig him when I start the rigging for the characters in my short.



Looks cool! Can’t wait to see you breath some life into him!
Keep us posted
Mike Fitz


well I had an hour this morning so i started in on the fur. I applied it to the areas on the body that definitely get fur on them and started grooming. the eye on the right of Harold is pretty much done but lots more to do on the face in general. boy wouldn’t it be nice if You could just paste mirrored on grooming?



Hi Obnomauk!
model looks great! you’re putting me to shame with your speed of progress!

did you make concave (had to check I got the right one!) sufaces for the eyes?? looks really good, very unusual and it makes his eyes very distinctive!


Thanks Hooch,

Speed isn’t really my middle name, You are the one who designed on a non-symetrical model after all :wink:

The eyes are the same basic design I have been using for a while now. The design is really inspired by Pixar and the eyes they use for their characters. I really like that glass doll eye kind of look and this is the best way to capture it. It gives a nice shading to the iris when lit properly and the edges catch some keen speculars. when you add in a bump map it really starts to look good. (of course some specular mapping and a little tweaking in the compositing stage never hurt either :slight_smile: )

Hopefully I’ll actually have time to work on him this week and I can get the fur finished at least on the head. he’s got a long haul before I call him done :slight_smile:

-David Rogers


boy wouldn’t it be nice if You could just paste mirrored on grooming?

couldn’t say it better meself…

You are the one who designed on a non-symetrical model after all

“you cut me deep Shrek, really deep…”


another few days another spare hour:

Grooming takes a lot of time and as you can see the left eye area still isn’t done… but started on the belly area… might change that a little or exclude it from the main emitter and give it one of it’s own to add some fuzz or straggles of hair. much like I plan for the top of the feet and the back of the hands… this little sasquatch is starting to grow on me. I’ll have to write up a script for animating him at some point



Hi David,
I can see why he’s growing on you. I think he looks great without hair and I think he’s gonna be real spiffy with it.

Will his belly remain bare? Looks cool like that. My only other thought would be that maybe his two big teeth could be not so symmetrical.

Love it!


Two more renders:

First: the head and shoulders are done. still need to groom the mouth area a little more to clear the fangs but overall I’m happy with it. After that it’s on to the torso (then arms and legs.)

I’m finding it easier to groom than when i started, guess I’m getting used to the controls.

THen I thought I would perhaps try to toss out a quick set for him to live in:

This I’m less happy with but for half an hour it’s a good start. The problem here, of course, is that he really needs to be living in a woodland area… which list lots of plants etc… which is of course ar real pain in the neck :slight_smile:

well I think if I have time tomorrow I’ll focus on harold and mess with the set when/if I have time to.



hey Obnomauk!
I prefer the hair render previous to these last two images. Maybe the hair / fur thickness looks too uniform along the length?

Harold has really grown on me recently and I’m looking forward to seeing him animated. I’m with the Horse fella when it comes to furring up the belly. I like the bare tum - almost like he’s rubbed the fur away from rubbing a constantly empty belly!


thanks hooch, he’s got an unexpected charm that’s for sure. :slight_smile:

the hair thickness was raised across the board to both provide better coverage and to quell some temporal aliasing (that stair stepping that leads to the shimmers come animation time.) I might up the variation percentage a bit but i’ll likely keep it about the same thickness

i won’t be animating him any time soon since my current short film is still not done (one thing at a time :wink: ) but I think he’s earned a place in the Queue



I think the fur has really improved since you increased the thickness. It’s got a nice clumpiness to it now. Thick fur only looks bad up real close.
Are you using a second emitter? I think this would help with length and thickness variation. Perhaps also, another thinner hair material for fading off around the belly, or a decal to imitate this effect, which is my preferred method.
Anyway, I like him a lot.:slight_smile:


Thanks Stephen,

there are actually three emitters in the system, the main reddish color, the secondary blueish long hairs (which will get thinned up a bit and tapered on my next pass probably and a short “coverage” emitter that I was using to fill in the space between the reddish hairs with fluff… but i think I will re-porpoise that third emitter to give the surface a bit more character. less coverage with a little kink perhaps, then really up the varriation on spacing and direction to muss it up… well we’ll see if I find some spare time today

I plan to leave the belly bare (and do some decal work on it) it’s part of his charm after all :). If I can get the transition to look right I’ll be impressed with myself even :wink:

It’s nice to have something I feel I can show around… I’m so invested in my other projects that I just don’t want to show them until they are perfect… you know? :slight_smile:


worked on this a bit more on the plane. got the skeletal rig installed, I might add facial controls later if I have time.


started work on decals made the bare belly area with a length controlling map… not 100% happy with it. I guess you can’t control density with maps in the v11 hair systems though.

as always comments/crits welcome



I wish I had more time to work on this. but Cest la vie.

I won’t be in town saturday but I might have net access to post the poll. I’ll put hooch’s troll in there if I do get it up if not I’ll put the poll up on monday.



FAB render David, he looks GREAT! I am really really impressed at how good his eyes look and the little shadow that’s cast across them.