WIP: Gimpy Dwarf


good idea!

100% crash results tho.
something makes it go kablooie!
also it seems that the material that the hair guide is tied to doesn’t always get saved in the model file. weird…

Sending it to hash…


Nothing’s easy!


Still here. Just really hurting for freetime.
Made a little progress got most of the stiching done and the eyes are about 90%
Oh yeah he got his rubber hat too :slight_smile:


That is looking really good. And I am disturbed by it. Nice job! Love the rubber material.


This is looking really good. I have no crits on this.


Well just about done here… Decaled, Rigged and smartskinned, hope no one minds I used the TSM rig. Turns out the Mustache increased rendertimes by upwards of 300% and had a tendancy of turning out looking like a grey candy cane, so I had to ditch it. :frowning:
Anyway this has been so much fun I almost wanna do it all over. almost. :wink:

and a Detail:

really big version here

Any last minute suggestions?


Maybe change the spec on the eyes and add a little reflection to give them more life? That’s about all I can say on this. Great job!


Wow! Nice clean deformations there. The model is so good, I’m starting…to feel a little…claustro…phobic…can’t…breathe…Ahhh…let me out!:eek:




hey this freak looks really great!
The only thing I can criticize is the beard at all, he looks indefinable, but perhaps it is what you want. Perhaps the eyes need more reflectivity and perhaps e decal/material tweek, they look to me so liveless.
Great work!!


So very good! Great modeling.

Perhaps we could see more a more skin look in the part of the eye socket that is showing? Maybe its lighting, I dunno.

And the beard could use some work IMHO.

I am truly wowed by this model. Keep on!!


wow, thanks for the comments guys!
ok Im going to go back and work on the eyes & fleshy bits. I just wish my painterly skills were up to snuff… well i guess that’s why they make filters :).



didn’t get as much freetime as I wanted this weekend (does anyone ever?) but here’s the final result.
I gave him some color and bump maps for the skin bits, and spent too much time tweaking the beard and finally decided that he has a pretty hard time shaving in the suit so he gets the ‘rugged and clumpy shaven with a belt sander look’ which is ok with me.
However I did manage to get the leather suit to have exactly the look I was going for, and that makes me happy ;).

over all I’m happy with it and this has been so much fun :slight_smile:
how are we gonna present the final products?

Oh, here is a link to my wallpaper version where some of the details are easier to see.



Model looks great I like the leather look but I think he would look better with a beard like in your sketch. Have you tried modeling it with geometry and adding hair to that?


yeah, tried geometry ( with and without hair), guide hairs (single and multiple strands), heck even tried playing with forces none of em looked good. I dunno, it seems like as soon as I start putting hair the model starts to feel too much like an attempt at somthing too realistic and looses the cartoony feel.

Heck even now after staring at the current version I’ve decided to go for the completely beardless look with maybe just a hint of stubble implied in the maps and I think it works.
I’ll have a 360 spin rendered by the morning.


The golden rule of development:
“the first 90% take 90% of the time and the last 10% take the other 90% of the time.”


the beardless one:


Perfect! Leave the beard out. He looks great.



hehehe I agree. Leave it off!


now he looks really really fantastic
congratulation! Great work, I like him so much


I agree with leaving the beard out. If you want though you could give him a little stubble in a bump map on the face.


Great model. I love the palpable tension of those belts on his nicely textured leather suit.
My only suggestion, would be to make the thumbs a little beefier, give them more shape.