WIP: Gimpy Dwarf


I blame this entirely on my wife watching pulp fiction last night… Just don’t tell her.

Q: What kind of dwarf gets kept out of sight in a cottage in the middle of the woods?
A: The Gimpy kind you keep gagged, tied and chained in a locked closet in the basement.

I think he needs more chains and straps… gonna go peruse edward scissorhands for more inspiration… or i may just crack open AM and start playing trying to get a good black shiny leather effect, hmmmm…


Haha, looking good so far.


Well found my first bug so far.
made a material that crashes to desktop uunless I render without using the multipass renderer.
Project avail for download here

Sent it to the hash guys.

Workaround: made a simpler material that works.

Got a response from the hash guys, should be fixed in the next release( coming tonight ) Ill keep everyon posted…
Man It’s nice having support with that kind of turnaround :slight_smile:

EDIT # 2 ::(sept 20)
Still broken in 10.5j resubitted to HASH and they said they’re takin a look at it.


Oh man, you are demented… but in a good way! This will be great. I swear we will need to get a group shot of all these guys when the contest is done.


Ok spent yesterday working on the model. I discovered that scaling a shortcut to a material gradually created serveral thousand shortcuts to the material under the drivers->groups folder. It got to the point where my model was almost 7 megs on disk.
Sent it to hash guys.

Workaround : delete all shortcuts to the material and remove the drivers->groups folder and everything oes back to normal. granted you’ll have to reapply the material but that’s not a big thing.

Will post WIP shots tonght when i get off of work.


Currently the model is starting to shape up. The beard still needs tons more work before it’ll look decent. however the basic body suit and straps are taking shape fairly well.
I’ve still got a good bit more little buckles and straps and zippers to put on the body (especially the back)

I’m about ready to copy/flip/attach the main bodysuit tho so i can start smoothing it out.

basic body suit no beard.

With beard… and here are a couple wire’s if that’s the kind of stuff that interests you.

Well that about does it for my free time this week. Looks like I’ll have more time next weekend but until then I’ll probably only have a little time to play with smoothing things out.

PS. anyone know how to turn the locking part of the quickrender lock off? I just want it to do a quick progressive render lit it did in 8.5???
Since the damn thing refreshes whenever i touch anything, which has a tendancy to crash AM for me…


Wow! Gimpy is going to look great!


Originally posted by Drakkheim
PS. anyone know how to turn the locking part of the quickrender lock off? I just want it to do a quick progressive render lit it did in 8.5???
Since the damn thing refreshes whenever i touch anything, which has a tendancy to crash AM for me…


Looks great so far. You’re fast!

To remove the render lock and get the regular progressive render you need to go to the customize panel and drag the progressive render icon to your toolbar. Unless you still want the render lock icon available, you can drag it back to the customize panel. Then you need to delete the keyboard shortcut to the render lock and make the same keyboard shortcut apply to the progressive render button. Or just create a new keyboard shortcut to the progressive render button.


(Edited to make better sense. Duh.)


Sweet! thanks a bunch that was really begionning to drive me buggy.



Ditto, the continuous render is handy for some things, but I’m glad to hear it can be made optional

Gimpy is looking great :slight_smile:

that was really begionning to drive me buggy.

Don’t say things like that! Or else Hash’ll start saying “it’s not the software that’s buggy, it’s the users!!” :slight_smile:


That is lookng great so far. I’m assuming you are probably about the farthest along. That’ll give you more time to tweak him later.


hehe thanks for the comments fellas.
At this point Im just hoping that I have ENOUGH time to finish him… I got luck this weekend and wound up with the wife going to see her family and wound up getting a full uninterrupted day to myself :eek:

Oh I also forgot to mention earlier, running winamp 3x. behind AM causes TONS of crashes (ever since winamp got fancy and started supporting antialiased custom-sizable skins). So if ya gotta listen to the Mp3s, minimize the winamp window before starting AM. (Disclaimer: your milage will probably vary)

And the beard is just not working out… I may play with a mustache type solution. or something…


managed to get about a couple hours’ worth of work in on gimpy over the last couple days. …
as a result he now has the beginnings of shoes and I managed to get the body copy flip attached and started smoothing it out.
Made the decision to completely loose the beard for now.

Gimpy has been eating well, and as a result he gained about 50 pounds. His true character is beginning to show. :wink:

Dont have any screenshots but have a 740kb movie which patient people (my server connection upstream is kinda slow) can get HERE(on2 compressed qt) .



At this point Im just hoping that I have ENOUGH time to finish him…

i’m still picking my jaw up off the floor having seen how fast you’re working. Better pack up my dwarf RIGHT NOW…:stuck_out_tongue:


Hey, that is looking realy great! I like the way that the leather (or is it latex) is bulging out from between the straps. I realy liked that beard idea though and I hope that it gets back in.


the problem with having an application that’s 90% stable is that you untrain yourself of the habit of saving every 5 minutes.

that is, … until you press the friggin spacebar and the app closes and you loose an hour’s worth of work.

im going to bed now.


Made some pretty good progress last night.
I’ve smoothed out the body fairly well. Which for me, means removing as many splines as I can and keeping the same shape.

pretty happy with it so far. Just need to attach the feet and rebuild the tip of the nose and I can move on to the thumbs eyes and mouth/beard thingie. Usually I would have gotten bored by now and get distracted by some other side project and forgotten about this but these wip threads are great motivation.

Oh Insert about 100 AM crash posts here… It has been really really unstable for me for the last couple days. None of them reproduceable just random… click click cli… er poof…


Nice clean mesh, Drakkheim! I’m looking forward to seeing some of the character inside that suit.



well been playin a little with hair and guides.

Slightly bigger version here.

Hairguides are neat but i think its going to take a lot of tweaking to get them to do what I want. (they seem to have a mind of their own sometimes)

and you cannot copy them. So in order to make two identical sides of the mustache I’m thinking is going to be a nightmare. Anyone have any ideas?


Nice moustache and beard! Everything looks very well modeled. Hair guides are kind of a pain to set up. Hopefully they will make it less time-consuming down the road. Have you tried deleting everything but the part you want to copy and save it as a separate model. Then flip it and import it back into your full model. I don’t know if it will work or not, but you can try.