WIP[Dave Chappelle] [Kungfudork]


well i want to give this a shot, but i’m not sure i will have the time. hopefully i can finish this one, since my dwarf didn’t quite make it all the way!

anyway, i figured dave chappelle would be a great character to animate (if i finish)…since there is a ton of funny dialogue from his show on comedy central.

here are a few pics:
[they stopped loading so i removed them]

good luck to everyone!:beer:



i am working my way thru jason osipa’s book “stop staring” and luckily it timed out with this competition. so hopefully when i am done this character will be able to perform some descent facial animation. anyway, here is where i have gotten so far. i am trying to learn texturing as well using jim talbot’s tutorials, so here is my first attempt at a decal. any feedback will be well appreciated!!!:thumbsup:



Looks good so far, could we get another shot from a perspective view?

I think you’re doing a great job at getting more of a cartoony look into yours…I can’t seem to do that.

Can’t wait to see more!


Looking good so far. Definately has a nice stylized look to it. How about posting a render? I’ve been working my way through Jason’s book as well, it actually helped me quite a bit modeling the mouth, which has always given me trouble. in the past Anyway, keep up the good work.



thanks everyone for the comments! the sides of the face aren’t the same at this point…i tweaked the left side to more what i wanted and now i need to copy/flip/attach again. i like the way the decal looks on this one, but the mustache and beard need some work…i’m starting not to be so afraid of decaling after working thru jim talbot’s tutorials some more. i still got a long way to go!!! anyway, i know the contest deadline is coming up soon, so here is where i am at:

thanks gang!


well here is as far as i have gotten. my free time got non-existant and i rushed to get done. i found a modeling flaw in the mouth when i tried to work on facial setup, so i gotta go back to the drawing board on that part. anyway…here is my final submission for the contest:

had a great time doing this. i hope i can find time for the next one!



This has to be my favorite! Really good caricature!:beer:


Pretty cool model, Dieter! :smiley:


cool, bravo! :beer:


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