WIP [Arnold Schwarzenegger] - [Cosmonaut]


The Govenator. Since I can’t seem to get my Schlitzy files to open with the latest Beta I think it’s time to work on something else. Here are the obligatory pics:



Ok, here’s what I have so far, not much of a caricature i know but I’m fairly happy with it so far. I still need to finish working on the eyelids and the nose and brow have been giving me trouble:



Crits/Comments welcome.



That’s looking really good!

I can offer you some suggestions about stuff to change, but take them with a pinch of salt…I’m no master of these things.

My main crit is to widen up the jawbone. Your model seems to have too skinny of a face, I alway though of Arnold as having a wider and thicker face. Maybe widen up the nose a bit too?

Look grea though, keep working on it!


Well, spent a bunch of time this week working on Arnold. Pretty much done modeling (though the he stills need teeth/gums). I’m going to have to exagerate his features at some point cuz once I started done a more realistic path I haven’t been able to stop … :surprised … anyway, started texturing, still need some work on the bump and specular maps and I’m thinking of redoing the eyeballs properly to fix the iris. Also need to texture the back of the head. Anyway, let me know what you think.


And a few other views:


His head seems a bit too be skinny to be Arnold or a likeness. I think you’re overshooting the exaggeration of his super-blocky features.

Looks like the cheekbones are a bit overly strong too.

You do seem to be pretty close with his ruddy complexion though - a good start. The chisled look also is good, as I said, a bit overdone if anything.


Skin tone looks a bit too pinkysh maybe. His face looks like he’s wearing makeup, and not in the “I’m going to appear on the tonight show” sense of makeup, rather the “I’m going to put on a blonde wig and imitate Barbra Streisand” sense :wink:


My thoughts…
[li]his brows are too rounded upward…need to be flatter
[/li][li]the tip of his nose is too flat…needs to be a little more round…get that slight “bulb” working better on the end of his schnoz
[/li][li]his eyes are open too wide…need to be squinted more by default
[/li][li]both ears are exactly the same on your model, but looking at the lower of the two reference pics, his right (our left) ear is shaped a bit differently
[/li][li]his lower lip looks a little too plump
Looking at the side view, it feels like something about the profile isn’t quite working, but I can’t put my finger on it without having a real Ahnold profile to compare to.

Anyway, that’s this not-really-a-modeler’s take on the more realistic likeness. Can’t wait to see the caricature sprout out of this guy! :smiley:


Thanks for the comments guys. I’m still doing a lot of point pulling/pushing. Should have some update pics to post this weekend.

odinseye2k: Definitely agree his face was too narrow, I think I’ve finally got that fixed. I’ve also tried to soften the blocky features up a bit and bring in the cheek bone (but not too much :thumbsup: )

Bugle: Yes, his face is too pink (especially the cheeks and lips). I’ve thrown out my first attempt at the textures because I’ve modified the geometry and also because I just wasn’t happy with them. Once I’m satisfied with the modeling I plan to go back and try and find some high res Arnold pictures to use. Painting by hand just wasn’t working.

JBarrett: Thanks. Those are some very helpful tips. I think I already fixed his brows but I’ll have to check when I get home from work. The nose, eyes and lips all bothered me slightly so that gives me a lot of direction with what to fix. I hadn’t even noticed the ears … thanks for pointing that out. I’ve been working in mirror mode so much I totally missed that . :eek:



Well here’s my final result. Not too happy with the way it turned out. The realistic version turned out better. The chareciture, on the other hand, turned out a wee bit frightning. Definately should’ve tried for a more stylized look. Oh well, learned a lot.



looks REAL good Kevin! I followed this with interest and I love your final result. My only worry with the image (not the model) is either the lights or the angle makes the brightly lit corner of Arnolds downturned mouth look like a slightly deformed mesh in that area.

As to being frightening - we’re making charicatures, not exact replicas so don’t worry! Frankenstein was supposed to be slightly scarey…


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