WIP : a mouse [thekamps]


My idea is a simple mouse…something like below. I thought I’d do a simple design and work more on the hair. I have found my little computer takes forever to render and work with all this hair so we’ll see what I can do.


This may sound like advertising for Hash but one thing I found on my 4yr old pc is that the new version 11 hair system is MUCH faster to redraw, to render and to control.

My only counter to that would be the number of control handles you will get.

Is the image design yours?


Is the image design yours?

No, It’s a Jim Hensen muppet from Bear in the Big Blue House. I have 3 little ones;)
I have also seen a really nice render of a hairy cartoon mouse that I’d use as a bar I’d like to reach. I’ll post that pic if I can find it.


It’s a Jim Hensen muppet from Bear in the Big Blue House.
Ahhh Tutter ! We gave my daughter the Big Blue House leap pad game and it has been all the rage in our house the past couple of weeks!

Looking forward to what you come up with.



The website of Patrick Beaulieu. Arnold the mouse is great as is most of his stuff. He also has great fur with Charley the Bear!


great reference!


Well, a lot of posts were lost so I’ll recap…

Thanks to alfiebabes and his work at

He gave me his setting and though I don’t have ver.11, I was able to come up with a good results for muppet fur with 10.5
Thanks man!

Now if I can just get the modeling going the way I want it!


very nice muppet fur you have going on there! the modeling in this contest is probably going to be the easy part… the fur and texturing will make or break the images IMNVHO I was pretty amazed at how much I got done in just a few hours.



Sorry guys!
Due to 101 different things, I wasn’t able to do much this time around. I just wanted to let you know and wish you luck in this little CGTalk contest and the Hash contest too. Loved checking in on your progress/progression.

Ciao for now


that fur looks great! What program did you use for it?


It was done in Animation Master ver. 10.5 using 3 hair emitters at slightly different color, density, thickness, length, etc.

I was able to do more in the first two modeling contests but, unfortunately, with this hair contest, I didn’t have ver. 11 (which I hear is even better - I’ve seen some great work) and things got so busy that I didn’t do much more with the mouse and/or fur.

Maybe some day…


Dang! Sweet fur there, thekamps! Too bad it wasn’t done on time. Hopefully “some day” will be coming soon. I’d love to see this critter finished.


that’s a great!


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