Windows Build 17763 Might Break Alembic Rendering over Team Render


Just a note for those using Alembic & Team Render - there’s a possibility that Windows Build 17763 might break Alembic Rendering over Team Render. The Alembic file will transfer - but the animation will either render static, or it will render with a completely different animation offset frame.

I was on the phone with Maxon Tech support for an hour plus this afternoon trying to debug it on the one node that was having the issue, and we weren’t able to determine the source (although there was one other user who had reported an identical issue). It was only after the call that one of my nodes got the Windows update (delayed roll-out?), after which it began rendering incorrectly. I’ve already passed this along to Maxon.

Seeing as the renaming-in-the-object-manager glitch appears to be caused by Windows, it might be worth while to hold off on updating render nodes until this is resolved.