Window, Duke Yin (3D)


Title: Window
Name: Duke Yin
Country: China
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop

I was attracted by a photo, and I want to make a picture just like that photo. Use photoshop paint the texture map, 3dsmax2008 for modeling and rendered by mentalray, did few light effects and color correction in photoshop, this is warm one. critics are welcomed.


looks pretty nice :slight_smile:


Thank you very much!


i think you should have hard shadow, your chair just have soft shadow, which make the chair seems like floating on the floor. Good luck.


Thank you for your criticism. That shadow is too soft :frowning: , but I think the shadow could be hard only the sunlight touches the chair, in this pic the shadow is caused by sky light, it should not be too hard i think. I have made another pic which the sunlight touches the chair, in my gallery ,welcom you to see it :slight_smile: and thank you again!


Simple and nice, simply nice!

I have to agree about the hard shadow. With that much light a hard shadow would be more realistic but… it will also dilute the mood. Its a tough one. Maybe play with the shadow and make a comparison. If it is sharp at the closest point to the objects and fades more and more softer. It would be worth playing but regardless… I love this image. This is the type of image I would hand up in my home. Beautiful.


In my opinion, if you look at the entire image, seems like soft shadow would be more reasonable, as in this scene, I’m trying to create the hazy atmosphere. If you stare at the bottom of the chair, indeed like diginime said, soft shadow makes the chair seemd floating on the floor, not that realistic, however, sacrifice the realistic to get more artistic, is the sacrifice that worth to make I think. Afterall, that’s why we make art right?

Thank you Matasorapit! I am very glad you like it.


This is a very good CG I think
Please go on ,take more and more


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