Wierd rotation keyframes


Hey folks,

I’ve been doing a lot of character animation recently, and I have noticed on a number of rigs I have been using, that with the hand/wrist rotational keys, that although they are all set up and working as expected in the first instance, if I then try to move a bunch of keys (whole groups of animations) somewhere else along the timeline, even just a few keyframes further, the rotations become broken, and I have these wild additional twists in between one key and the other, even if they were fine before they were moved wholseale, and relative!

What am I missing?


I just moved the hand keyframes as a whole in the timeline, and the keys are literally disappearing as I do so. Is this some kind of bug?

This is on Windows 10, using R23 btw. But I have had the same in R20.


Wow this really has become a ghost town, huh!? :confused:


If it’s a weird rotation you might want to check if your rotations are set to Quaternion Rotation. When it’s set, all three rotation keyframes follow each other when you move them. Things get weird when that’s on for me.


Yes and no, TBH I looked and didn’t have a solution or helpful suggestion for you. I would say though that looking at the timeline you appear to have keys set on the controllers as well as the things you’re trying to move. If there’s a hierarchical connection and connection between local/world coordiate systems, could that explain why some keys disappear?

Having said that, it could just be a bug. Which sucks.


The the weird rotation angles sound like a gimbal lock issue caused by your disappearing frames… as to why they disappear, no idea. it’s not a general bug, i have been animating a lot with r23 and i think i would have noticed. might be something fishy with your file… have you tried just simply copying everything over to a new file? sometimes that fixes weird things like that, worth a shot.