Why the 2D to 3D Mismatch in my Forensic Model?


When I embarked in my project, and in the world of 3D in general, I knew that the 2D-to-3D “bridge” would be important to cross. However, I had no idea about its prevalence. The issue keeps on showing up again and again and again.


First, I acquired these 2 cranium models:

High Resolution Cranium Model at the Behr Bros. Site

Medium Resolution Cranium Model at the CG Studio Site

Problem No. 1: They have absurd dimensions. The Behr model (highest resolution available) is 2 meters tall. I wrote to them: “I had no idea that Mount Rushmore is going to receive the head of a new president”

Therefore, I used the following Average Cranium Dimensions Table:

Next, based on the aspect ratio from JPEGs of the 2 X-rays taken at the autopsy, I concluded that the film used was 11x14". This can be checked by contacting the National Archives.

Now the question: How come the match is so poor? Looks like a person wearing shoes several sizes bigger. I was very careful with all the dimensions.


-Ramon F. Herrera
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See below follow-up information.

-Ramon F. Herrera
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Are you for real!?

This whole research or whatever you doing looks like tragicomic parody…


Domos: I wrote an AI-based automated tool used to debate deplorables (yes, they are THAT predictable). It is text-based but this being the 21st. century I decided to add audiovisual responses. Here’s the one that addresses your question:

Is JFK Numbers Too Good To Be True?

The important part is at the END.

-Ramon F. Herrera
JFK Numbers

ps: Speaking of the new Millenium, check this other from the wide collection of “Herrera WiseAssisms”

If I could just have a friend, who’d stick with me to the end…


Fair enough. I have to provide more information, in order to stop the laughter.

I was fortunate enough to be at MIT during the days the Internet was being deployed. Details here:

Like Cesar

My ONE and basic proposal is this: “Shouldn’t MIT (and Stanford, Berkeley, etc.) be working for the first time since 1963 in the solution of the JFK Numbers?”

Yes, their decision to stay away is indeed tragic. Not sure about the comedy part, though.

Does the architectural version (The Free Open Source 3D Model of Dealey Plaza) bother you as much as the forensics aspects? Am I authorized to make vintage 1963 models?

My Page at the SolidWorks Site

Autodesk has been EXTREMELY generous with my 1-person, Not-for-Profit entity. They allow me to use their massive software collection for free. They e-mail me in private: “Is there anything else we can do for you, Ramon?” Their developers have given me their internal e-mails (NEVER I have seen this in decades as software engineer).

Are they wrong? Are they part of that tragic comedy?

-Ramon F. Herrera
JFK Numbers


Why you liked my post?


I loved it!

I cannot begin to tell you how hard it is to sustain conversations about this topic with qualified, well intentioned people. Let’s face it, the topic leads to controversy, nastiness, frustration, etc.

It is too bloody bloody!

One of the fundamental problems is that those of us who are engaged in this endeavor are accused of being believers in Big Foot and little green men in flying saucers. There is a real STIGMA associated with this pursuit.

Never fear, Ramon is here! I came up with 3 perfect antidotes to combat and defeat the stigma:

(1) Numbers and only numbers. Numbers do not lie.
(2) Humor
(3) Beauty.

Please read my comments at the bottom of this videoclip. Ignore the braggadocio, chest thumping from the movie trailer. What really matters is at the bottom.

The Greatest Showman

JFK Numbers

“The Truth is found from disagreements between friends