Why Joints cant control the Correction points?


I need to create a procedural strap structure. There will be 20 different straps in different widths, thicknesses and lengths. Additionally, all straps will be different wavy forms, so I have to use the Joint Tool to shape their wavy forms. Because of that, I can’t use mesh right now.

To do that, I’ve tried to create straps by using the Sweep object. A simple line for the strap’s length and a rectangle for the strap thickness and width. I can also give rounding too with this way. But, there was a huge problem. I couldn’t use the Joint Tool for Sweep. I’ve spent so much time to figure out this problem and the recent one gave me a hope. Unfortunately, at the end, it didn’t work.

Here is how:

  • Make a sweep object,
  • Add a Correction for it.
  • Then create a couple of bones (with joint tool)
  • After that select all bones and the Correction object then hit the Bind function (under character menu).

Correction Points are being perfectly bound but, if you modify bones’ position or rotation, it does not change the correction points.

If it can bind those points, why it can’t change them? Is there any other way to use joint with sweep? Or is there any miracle way to make bones change the Correction Points?

Thank you