Why is SHAKE so slow?


I just imported some DPXs from RedAlert and shake takes forever to refresh when i skip frames.

Is it just me or is Shake incredibly slow?

How are you guys getting your red footage into shake?


Some newer DPX formats Shake just chokes on. So either rerender out dpx files out of Shake which are bottom-up or if you have log plates then consider linearizing them and converting to iff or sgi. You still want to keep the original dpx plates if you do the latter. Luckily you can easily batch convert millions of frames through the commandline.


How do I do this?


commandline instructions are in the pdf manual. “shake image.####.dpx -fo image2.####.dpx -t 1-100”


thanx man,

how long does changing the dpx´s like this take?


depend the amount of frames,how many computers you have and what the specs are.


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