Why is it undefined when i drag and drop to tool bar


I wrote this script and drag and drop to tool bar.
Then i saw this text in Listener, “undefined” when i evaluate this script.
But this script is work if i evaluate on Script Edite.
Why is different?
and i want to know that how to work when i drag and drop to tool bar?
I can’t access other code because that.
My english is very poor.
so my sentence little bit awkward, i am so sorry
and i hope to know you what i want to.


I don’t understand what you want to achieve.


You’re missing the “on execute do” bit - you want something like:

macroscript ....
rollout test "test"(....)
on execute do
    createdialog test

Have a look on this page:


Search the page for "on closeDialogs do " and look at the example script just below it


I was making a script that i get the MatId when i click to object.
but this Callbacks is not work when on the tool bar.


when you use a general callbacks system the executing script has to have a global pointer at least.
in case of ‘macro’ implementation it’s in local scope of the macro’s body

so a working code might look:

global SelectionSetRollout =
    rollout SelectionSetRollout "SS MAN"
        -- ...
        on SelectionSetRollout open do
            callbacks.addscript #selectionSetChanged "::SelectionSetRollout.selectionSetFn()"
        -- ...


but it not work on the custom toolbar.