Why I am using sketchbooks and you can help yourself as well.


Why I am using Sketchbook threads at CGS and Why you might find it useful as well.I will be spending 3 hours on Monday’s giving advice and reviewing work on the new CGS sketchbook threads.This is about the same amount of time I would spend on a class. The sketchbook threads in a small way help in the same way an online class can. 3 hours gives me enough time to give about 20 to 30 artist feedback. so we will see how it goes

I have a little over 100 request to help with portfolios or give crits over the past 2 months, while I am busy I genuinely want to help where I can. Truth is I am really bad at getting back to people on FB or reaching everyone that ask or needs help. FB is where between meetings or sitting at lunch I tend to give random help and advice as it comes into my feed but I dont always have time to go in depth. These days it’s nearly impossible to keep up with everyone especially with post in warp drive on my feed.My feedback is just a small part. The idea is to build a group of artist that contribute regularly to each other and others to become leaders by passing on valuable and accurate information that goes deeper than just repeating a workshop or webinar info but a commitment to listening visually to what artist are doing well and where they can improve in skill, marketing, and networking their craft.

everyday there is someone that uses my advice in a damaging way without the experience or understanding behind that advice so creating this corner helps build that experience and understanding and pass it onIt’s those peers above and below you that help fill in the gaps between instructor mentorship or feedback that keep you on the path of developing better skills and overcoming obstacles that slow down the enjoyment of doing artA stranger as good as they may be that gives you a crit without the 10 steps that led to your current piece is giving you limited feedback or help. They don’t necessarily see where you are stuck and where you excel they just see the current step so HISTORY is important being able to post in a forum format feels slow compared to fb but that pace helps you in areas where FB can leave you with gaps

Much of the advice I give is based on the fact so many artist are missing things from their attempts. So many portfolios are missing the point are letting you loose out on jobs you might have got but just needed help criting how to present the right material or in a way that targets the right attention. Rather than giving that advice 20x and having it dissapear I want an area where it can live for others to have access and apply to their own worksIf you are trying to reach a point where your art is what you intend it to be this will be a comforting step and help eliminate the obstacles. regardless of you wanting to go pro of simply for fun there are lessons we all have to offer each other lets build a library not a evaporating episode

This character is killer and will get someone to come to your portfolio. Once they are there you need to have something to talk about. Your art is your opening line and if that line has substances people will want to have a nice conversation with you about it. Today we will talk about what happens when you start a conversation and what happens when you change the subject before I get to know you.Many artist trouble are simple. You have the skill. It almost always comes down to time management and focus what do you want to talk to people about and how much depth is there in that conversation 3 to 5 images on one subject are more than enough for your demo but depending on the conversation you will need to be specialized and focused our a tour guide of ideas. How and why do you present this to

Great piece by J Steven Restrepo

Start a Sketchbook thread today!


Awesome man! Thanks for doing these. Amount of dedication you are showing is encouraging!


Thank you sir, it’s artist like you that will make the diffre ce. Trying to knock out some feedback and images for you today at lunch. Cheers


Likewise! Artist without the space to grow and excel is like flower without water, may be pretty but eventually will die.

People like you, fellow artists and scholars, create such places. Like CGS. So, really, Thank you! :slight_smile:


Good stuff, good points, I’m reading this a bit late, but I wanted to encourage this path for CGS sketchbooks. It sounds really simple and obvious, the needs to foster everyone’s craft within a community and more importantly, how to do it right without giving feedback that’d hurt more than help. It’s amazing how few communities online overlook the power of these threads. Thanks for doing this!