Why does my fast moving fluid explode?


I’ve been working for a month trying to get my fluid to do what I want. I’m trying to replicate the space shuttle launch up close so I need fast moving fluids with detail only from a certain area. I’ve got the fast moving fluids, but I don’t seem to be able to get them to survive longer than about 3 seconds before it explodes. I’ve taken the last 2 days searching the forums for a solution and have yet to find one because i’m guessing it’s probably a simple issue that I’m missing or causing.

I am currently using a volume axis field and only the density and velocity for now. I am replicating the shuttle vaporizing all the water below it and being blown out to the side. I’m thinking that this issue is being caused because I’m using the container without the auto resize? I would think this would be a pretty big issue though. I’ve tried simulation short durations with the cache evaluations at .25 and saving every 2 frames. I guess this still wasn’t slow enough and it exploded anyways.

I’ve also notices that the speed of the fluid continues to grow seemingly out of control. I’m not sure if I it takes time to get the fluid up to speed and I’m setting the speed way too high so that it’s going so fast by the 80th frame or so, that it breaks the calculations.




Increase the damping under dynamic simulation and use High Detail solve on velocity only.
Actually do the High detail solve first then increase damping as you test.