Which Photoshop version do I start with?


I’d like to learn Photoshop with the future end goal being getting into creature creation for computer games. I am going to be teaching myself for now and am an utter newbie with the digital aspect. I know there are lots of great Photoshop tutorials listed in other forums, but can anyone recommend which version of Photoshop I should be finding a tutorial for? Or am I doing this backwards? Do I find a tutorial and then just go with the version that matches it? Thanks for your help!


Anyone that you so desire man


It really doesn’t matter which version you start with. But I suggest CS3 or CS4 for the extra 3d functions, if they matter to you.


Well, you’re pretty much limited to the latest CC version as I’m pretty sure Adobe has stopped selling anything else. MAYBE you can find CS6 somewhere still. There are some UI changes but it should all still be there.

I did a lot of learning on an old version of Elements. I wouldn’t recommend, but you can do it.

Any tut should be adaptable. Even a lot of the conceptual tuts from other software should be helpful. “Watch me develop this awesome concept painting in MS Paint.” Okay, so the tools are different but the vid is about color, composition and all sorts of universal ideas.