Which online anatomy course?


Recently I’ve been thinking about brushing up on my anatomy/life drawing abilities and I’m considering taking an online course to do so (along with looking at a bunch of anatomy books I’ve got). I was wondering if people had any suggestions or feedback on a couple of courses I found.

I’m thinking about either CGMA’s Analytical figure drawing, or Scott Eaton’s Online anatomy for artists (I’ll post links at the end) … I also had a look at Studio technique, but I couldn’t find any information on pricing or when the next class will be.




If anyone has any comments or advice about these courses I would really appreciate it.

Thanks in advance,



I am signed up to the scott eaton one beginning in April, i heard very good things about him and the course.


I have taken a couple of Scott’s classes and they were absolutely superb. Cannot recommend them enough,


Check out www.proko.com His figure drawing course is excellent and he recently started his Anatomy class. Very high quality videos and excellent instruction.


Seconded. Scott is as close to a modern master as it gets. And he has a great teaching style/attitude.


Just wanted to add I seriously love his figure course. It’s amazing. I’ve learned so much just by performing the robo-bean exercises over and over ad nauseum.

I just got his anatomy course too. It’s not finished yet but I’m really excited with the content so far. Someone did a good review of the anatomy course if you’re looking into it as a figure+anatomy resource–I totally recommend both just based on my experience.