Which Granny?


I need to do an animation where some old Grannies do some Break Dance/Rap/Hip Hop stuff. Doodled some outlines. . . I need to pick the best 3. Which ones should I go with?


Hi there

I’d say 2, 3 and 5 immediately say ‘Granny’ whereas the other 3 could more likely be younger women (even though no. 1 has a walking stick)



1,3 and 5 looks good


I’ll say 6 this way i can see how you use dynamics on the sagging parts ;-). Also 1. got to love dancing granny’s with walkers.


1, 2, 5. My comment has to be longer, so here is a longer comment. Foo on yoou CGTalk!


HA! Yea I hate all those silly rules. You can only have “X” number of !!! marks etc.


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