Which file management software to use?


Hi all!

I’m looking for an app that can smartly group PDFs right after scanning, would let me edit them and would also let me find the right doc if I’d simply “search” for a given phrase or keyword. Can anyone share some examples of reliable software for such tasks? Doesn’t have to be free, I know they’re somewhat sketchy by design…



I’ve used several of those over the years, see which one works for you: DocuWare, FileCenter, Templafy, M-Files
I’m sure they’ve updated their offerings since the last time I checked, so consider your budget, compare, and decide. And yeah, if you’re scanning that many files in a day, I wouldn’t go with free software either…


Thanks a lot for the info!

I did some light research and as of now, seems like the FileCenter DMS offers the best value overall. For my case especially, as a good chunk of the team works remotely, it’s quite welcome that they offer integration options - coordinating everything only via email would’ve been a nightmare… Setting it up so that all related PDFs end up in the correct pile as soon as we scan them is another thing that’s caught my eye. So, let’s see how it’ll do in practice