Which drawing tablet?


I’m bying my niece a digital drawing tablet for her confirmation, but not sure which one I should buy. She has put these on her wish list:

Wacom Cintiq 16
Xp-pen artist 15.6
Huion kamvas gt 156 v2
Parblo coast 13
Artisul d15.6 or d13.

Any suggestions? I haven’t got a ton of money to spend, but still want to buy her something that isn’t so lacking that it turns her off digital painting completely. I would buy the Cintiq, but guess it’s kinda pricey and I don’t know much about the others to say how they compare to it.


is she just drawing or painting in photoshop for fun or is this something she will be using to pursue a career?

Cintiq’s are a bit pricey but wacom is established and has great customer service and reliablilty. It is worth having her use a standard tablet if she will be getting into the inustry to do concept or digital painting etc.

Drawing is a bit of a tough transition with a standard tablet. I dont have any experiance with the other tablets mentioned but if you have a bit more info on where she is at it may save you some money if she doesn’t end up pursuing it


Standard tablet doesn’t seem like something she wants from the choices

This looks pretty good haven’t heard of anyone using it so would be nice to get some input from users that have used both. Much more cost effective and has enough levels of sensitivity so easier to relate to real-world drawing. I might go with this option to see if it is something she sticks with.

One thing that wacom has that I am a fan of is different style pens with different pressure settings and abilitys such as the art pen which can rotate brushes as you paint.

Let us know what you find and maybe some users here can help


Thanks for a thorough reply. She is 13 years old, so who knows where she will take her career. My thought is that a Wacom may be a bit above what she needs to have what is now a mere hobby, so after a bit of consultancy on the web, I went for a Huion Kamvas. Reviews said it was the best alternative to a Cintiq in its price class, so it’ll be interesting to see how it works for her.