Where is everyone?


Thank you, LonChaney! :slight_smile:




Perhaps on C4D Cafe? = C4DCore



infograph is an asshole and she is oblivious to it :laughing::laughing::laughing:


A few tossic users are surely responsible for ruining a nice community, and Infograph was certainly among them.
In almost every post he/she derailed the conversation to Blender or whatever.

But that’s not all, I want to give moderators their large share of responsibility, I have been a moderator on several forum (I even own a forum in the past) and I would have never allowed what happened here.
Freedom of speech should not be confused with “say whatever crap you want, here you will be always welcome!”

Now I post on core4d, Discord and other specialized forum.


Good luck with that when the owners and admins of the forum don’t support you. I was one of the last mods to leave here when i couldn’t stand being utterly ignored by the admins, like all other mods. Moderators, or Forum Leaders as we were called, had few direct options for intervention. Only Admins could censure users and after the owners succesfully alienated the main admin here this didn’t happen at all anymore.


No need for censure and I never banned anyone on my own forum, just talk to people and eventually (if they are not pure troll) they will understand.
In the case of Infograph for example it would be sufficient to tell him that if he is interested in Blender there’s a dedicated forum, C4D is not his place.
But because admin/moderators didn’t act like this, he was allowed to trash tons of topic, forcing otherwise useful users in childish behavior in the attempt to moderate him.
I do understand that moderators are not in full power here, but honestly I don’t remember they even try to fix this kind of issues.


That link expired. Here is another one: