Where is everyone?



This forum used to be pretty alive? Where has everyone gone? I’m just wondering how the latest version of Messiah is doing?


Well setuptab has kind of sucked the wind out of CGTalk but I try and keep things alive in here as much as I can.


Hi Wegg,

Oh, of course.

How’s it going. How’s the airplane project going?


Well we finished the pilot and the producer stays in touch with me with all the latest happenings. Distribution, different ways we could fund it etc. I could still turn into a series but for now I’m just working away at SetupTab and other gigs as they come my way. Gun for hire I guess you’d say. :smiley:


It’s a tough gig, CG series. Even with good production tools, they cost a LOT of money…so getting them off the ground it always going to be tough. Best of luck with that. I’m not doing any CA at the moment :frowning: You never know though when your next project will come!


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