Where are all the threads going?


Hey, the threads seem to be dissappearing one at a time here. Is it taking so long to get this contest judged that the threads are timing out?

This is ridiculous.:rolleyes:



I have to agree Jim. You want closure(gosh, i hate that word).

This is in no way meant to hurt feelings but … perhaps Wegg hasn’t the time to moderate this forum? I think if this alternative to the official Hash challenges is to survive we need a more proactive moderation. No offense William, really.


finishing the contest - yup! we are 1 month after the end date and think about it - we could have been seeing the finished Animation contest entries at this very time!

dissappearing threads - check your CGTalk settings Jim, there’s options for how you want to view. Maybe your settings are by the last 30 days?

Post a screen grab…

Moderation - no-body wants to offend Wegg but we either make this thing work or all the good will continues to die


You probably already know…
The default setting for threads is “the last 30 days”.
You can change this setting at the bottom of the page to view/review the older threads.

So, yes, it is taking disappointingly long to finalize this contest.



Oh! Duh. Thanks for setting me straight on that.



s’OK Jim,
these things happen more frequently the older you get so I hear!


:blush: Ooops!, :blush:

Now I can see my first post, I have two WIP entries (sorry).
Every day something new is learned :slight_smile:

Thanks Hoochoochoochoo!


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