What's wrong with my build structure?



I’m building a car body as a learning exercise. Without materials applied it looks fine. To check the surface and reflections I applied a material. I expected that there would be a need for tweaks but was shocked at how terrible it look.

I aligned all the normals but it clearly wasn’t that. There’s something I’ve missed or don’t know… or am not understanding here.

Can anyone offer advice? Why does it look so terrible?




How are you building these panels ? Loft, extrude, polypen, ?
A mesh would help better to see what’s up rather than a mat applied



Thanks. for the reply.

I started with a single polygon and have been extruding edges, edge loops etc. Also been using the poly pen too.


Make sure polys/ points are aligned.

When I do body panels, I loft splines and go from there.
The simpler, the better should be your rule of thumb.

Here’s an example

Loft Panel.c4d (121.4 KB)