Whats the deal with Object Axis in FBX with Cinema?


This has been driving me crazy of late as I find myself in a pipeline involving assets created in C4D, exported to FBX and brought into Unreal, wherein every object’s axis gets places at world 0,0,0 regardless of where the mesh actually exists.

The guy building in UE has to routinely take my FBX files into Maya to fix the pivot points and then re-export, which is ridiculous and should be wholly unnecessary. Is there a 3rd party tool / plugin for Cinema that can export to FBX ‘correctly’, preserving these axes?


Without knowing exactly how that person is importing your FBX files, it sounds like maybe they have the editor set to use object centre instead of object pivot in the Gizmo handle position toggle setting in the editor.

To the right of pan, move, rotate, scale there are two other buttons: The first toggles between Center and Pivot, and the second toggles between Local and Global.

If they have it set to Center, change it to Pivot and Unity will use the object pivot point rather than its bounds centre.

From the Manual under heading Gizmo handle position toggles:


Not particular to C4D per se, but to UE4.
The Maya guy probably had the mesh PSR frozen. Just do the same with C4D. Froze the PSR.

Here’s the thread I had regarding the problem:

Basically, if you want to retain the PSR values, its a hopeless case natively. You need a bridge plug-in in from a DCC to UE4. Think of DataSmith UE4 Plug-in for 3DS Max