What's Poppin? Any advice for an animator wanting to work with non-profits? // Bikardo


Hi guys! My name is Isaiah Estevon and I recently started an animation degree at the LA Film School. I spent most of my post-highschool years figuring out I didn’t have a strong passion for Graphic Design and over the summer, COVID helped me to discover the animation career path for the first time.

I won’t talk your ear off, feel free to reply and I can say more but I really want to express how much I want to make an impact on the field. I come from a Christian background and had the privelage of being the media director for my church’s summer camp. As you might imagine, COVID hit us hard and when things hit the fan they looked to me and my team for marketing creativity. I had the vision, but with the no how. I knew fun animations and motion design could capture our audience attention but no one knew how to do it. That knowledge could have helped us to struggle a lot less so now I am path to being that person who DOES have the skill set to make our own content.

Even outside of the church, I feel like animation is at an all-time high with the rise of anime and also American television coming up with unique cartoon concepts (i.e. Rick and Morty’s boom).

What tips do you guys have for like a guy like me starting with 0 background in the field? What’s the most efficient way to build that skill set? Also, if anyone has ever worked with non-profits I would love to have an extended convo with you!

Cheers in advance, so happy to be here!
Truly, Bikardo.