What's Happening To The Evocative Thread?!?!?


No one uses it anymore!! K mon guys, the best stuff is here! Post!!!


I will tell you the reason, they don’t like newbies here, well I may be a newbie in cgtalk but not in 3d…


Lack of new work is becoming a bit of a problem I think, there’s hardly any new work posted lately :frowning:

About newbies, well I was pretty green when I started posting a work here (not here anymore the old stuff got removed) and everyone gave constructive comments. So don’t be afraid and post :smiley:


well, they don’t really accept newbie jobs here so I use WIP forums…

When I try to submit here I get a massage like " Since you are a newbie we must process your forum before publishing it on web vs vs"

Some times I get this message trying to write a reply…


That’s strange; I’ve never gotten that message. Maybe you should email a moderator and ask about it. Once, all my posting permissions were suddenly denied, but that turned out to be a system glitch which they quickly corrected.

I agree with Jawine. I think the Evocative forum suffers from a lack of new work, so maybe people aren’t in the habit of checking it regularly. Some people may also feel constrained by this forum’s rules, that you’re supposed to comment on content, rather than technical stuff. Personally, I don’t think the two can easily be teased apart… sometimes technical problems play a large role in why an image doesn’t work well.

And, also, in the beginning Mark and Leigh participated in critiquing more, which I haven’t seen lately. That may discourage some people from posting, dunno.


I think I had the same problem with marcia, I was very new to cgtalk and I thought “Well so this is not a place for me” and I started using WIP…

Maybe I can post something new to evocative forum soon…


The rules here are fairly strict, maybe it keeps people from posting.

On the other hand, it might also be a general kind of lameness kicking in. One of my collegues who also uses cgnetworks noted it’s very quiet here lately and he mainly checks the 2D/3D gallery and the softimage forum. It might not just be the evocative forum that is suffering a bit here.

The replies are also very infrequent, there aren’t many people that really seem to frequent this forum and comment on a lot of the artworks in here.

I hope things get going again here, i don’t know any other forum that is about making your work better from an evocative point of view. Maybe it needs a bit of promotion?

Moderators: I wouldn’t mind helping out with anything for this forum, so send me a message if you need someone :slight_smile:


Ya, me too. I love it when a piece is painfull or, well, evocative. Some of the most powerfull dtuff Iv seen was here. Hmm, well, we shall see.


Ack! It’s like gfxartist in here, people discuss over what should change but take no action. Ohw wait that’s not just on forums but everywhere :smiley:

So far nobody has posted any new work since this thread started (except for me but there’s only one reply) and only 2-3 people in total commented.

Either hardly anyone on cgnetworks is interested or we(with “we” I mean volunteers here) should should actively promote the evocative forum. For example with writing comments in the galleries for work that seems suitable here. Something like “nice work, this could use improvement, this is already cool, blabla, want to learn more about emotional impact of this work then post it in the evocative forum on cgtalk”:slight_smile:

Or we just all go to sleep as a song of radiohead advices :wink:


well, i´d say that this thread suffers lack of participation for the really promising input of pros like the moderator isn´t taking place anymore. just look at the firestarter discussion in this forums beginning.


Yeah I wonder why they check out every thread and wait 12 hours I made a post here (not a new thread) just a reply to a topic in this forum and i got the message that a moderator will inspect your post and it will be put up in the next 12 hours( however it may not go up) what the hell ?? :frowning:


that´s because you´re quite a new member. i guess it´ll change soon for you.



Give it a chance and it will get rolling! This is the most important forum,… and the most scary hence the start problem.

In the first place it takes heaps of time to produce something powerfull (a lifetime really). It can be a long and difficult path and you see and expierience tons of garbage on the way. We are also dealing with an overdose of exposure and information. I f you know where to look your nose gets rubbed in the most amazing quality both brilliant and disasterous daily. I believe a very tiny percentage of people are born with true talent, the rest of us have to sweat it out, do the best we can, and seek out all the help we can find. Just learning to really ‘see’ can be a heartbreaking process and I rekon this is the place to be if you want your art to stand out amidst the multitude of average productions.

This forum cannot dissapear, emotion is what I miss most in all the work I see whilst surfing, and aside from the obvious tech aspect it’s the place you go to next to take your art to the highest level.

Greetings Kanga


It’s possible the forum needs to be promoted more. I just stumbled across it as I was reading the list of forums on the main page (which I don’t normally do), but apparently it’s been around for five months, almost six.

I’ve got a small set of forums that I read, and I barely have time for that, so I bookmark my favorites and rarely look through the list on the front page. Personally, I don’t recall anything being mentioned about this new forum when it apparently came to life in late October of '03. Not saying that it didn’t happen, but whatever happened didn’t grab my attention enough to make me notice it at the time, so I was left to finally discover it by “chance.”


I seem to remember that there was some kind of promotion at the start - if I remember correctly a wonderful image of the young girl standing on top of an old ruin abbey/castle directed me to this forum (great image - sorry, I can’t remember the artists name). It’s a very interesting subject for a forum but it’s probably the hardest to pin down because of it’s subjective nature. I used to come here in the early days but I stopped coming because I thought a lot of the work shouldn’t be here - I’m sorry to say that. Maybe a promotion of the ‘Evocative’ forum will help but I think this forum will always attract less people and I think this particular forum has to be strict to separate the wheat from the chaff or there’s really no point having it. Maybe starting a thread called “What’s your definition of an evocative image?” could stir up a debate, promote a better understanding of the forum, and have new material submitted.


I see Mr Barrett is out stretching his legs.


well, there is also quite much stuff in the evo-forum that just ain´t evocative because of lack of content. discussion itself doesn´t make pictures evocative. the picture must have a well defined idea/topic. it has to be evocative from scratch then it is possible to make usefull comments. therefore many users remain silent.

so the evo-forum ain´t a forum that helps making good pictures but it helps making good pictures better (in a way).

there´s been a lot of unqualified postings that stated pictures or parts of it don´t say anything and that´s a discouraging statement. but there have been way more good comments, specially in the beginning.

blah :slight_smile:


Hoi Justin! you surfin ani master you :slight_smile:

Hey bov, yeah I liked the pic of the girl, and the concept as well.

I guess its easy to get caught up in the tech of this new tool. Got my hands on a great app lately and am tryin to get reflections into a cog (I know that dialogue box is somewhere :). Probably the most important thing in life is to amaze yourself at least once a day, where do you go after that?

It would be nice to see more artists posting stuff here as well as in the main forums.

It will happen
Greetings Kanga


Oh yeah I forgot!

There was disscission earlier on what is evocative. That is probably a bit of a stumbling block. Lets take an extreme example, say a cog manifacturer comes to you and says: “Pete, we make the best damn cogs in the bussiness,… here is our range, we need a header image for our new brochure, come up with something.” You could chuck in a couple of cog models, put em on a shinney base, whack on some raytrace reflections an exclaime “Bobs yer uncle!”

,…or you could think, WHOAA,… chalenge! We can make stuff a photographer in the real world would never dream possible, we can defy gravity and scale (maybe a giant cog flying over New York) we can defy material and walk through walls, our studios are virgin,… there is not a spek of dust we didn’t put there. We have been given a tool which defies all the laws of existance, and what do we do: whack on a raytrace reflection and exclaim: nifty eh :frowning:

It’s easier to imagine the face of a beautiful woman in half light to be evocative than a machine part, but it takes a real genius to inject excitement and fascination into ANY subject matter. Since I have been surfing here at CGTalk I have seen even untextured models with such exquisitly marvelous detail that they don’t even need texture or animation to make them sing, conversly I have seen on other forums such badly modelled material (with textures that normally would make you loose your lunch) so well animated with such a teriffic storyline that nobody could deny the brilliance of the work.

So I would say it isn’t realism or abstract, beauty or ugliness, animation or still. I would ask: has it power, does it evoke a reaction? If you accept this then ANY subject matter is acceptable for posting here, if the creator can take the crit :slight_smile:

PS. I was kidding about the cog that ate New York,… however, where did I put that raytrace material? :slight_smile:

Greetings Kanga


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