Whats currently the best soft for vegetation modeling...?


Whats currently “the best” modeling software for vegetation (plants, trees, bushes, etc. etc.) for both usage - like real time (games) (low to middle poly) but also for still/video renders (mid to high poly).

My main modeling application is 3ds max (renderer is vray).

The top application was speedtree for years. I also know about plant factory and Grow Fx as a plugin for 3ds max… These are the top aplications i know of.

Afaik SPEED TREE is still the best software (to learn if one needs/wants to model vegetation), correct?


wow… is this forum really that dead …? (that no one answered)

Or did i post it into wrong category… or is the question boring for you guys :-)…?


Forums in general, I feel, have died a bit. But I feel you answered your own question. There is a bunch of different ways to handle this, and there is a plethora of information online for all of the softwares(Maya, Houdini, Max, C4d, etc) on how to do such things. I’m not sure if there is a “best” or not, that’s usually a personal opinion. My understanding(which is admittedly very little) in the creation and usage of foliage, is that you’ll have to create a highpoly and lowpoly version, regardless of which software you use, to work with them in a realtime environment, but most, if not all, 3d softwares offer methods of reducing polygons for such tasks I believe.


Not sure about modeling them specifically, but you could check out Megascans. They have a few free models last I checked and you can see whether those fit your need.


The problem is that this question is not easily to answer. Remi nailed it already. It depends of too much stuff like your needs, your budget, or your 3D app. And realtime game needs is a completely different beast than offline rendered stills. And stills is a different beast than movies.

There aren’t this much general planting software packages around. Most are addons for specific cg packages. Some are available for more than one 3D package. As a standalone, Plant factory maybe from e-on. But Plant factory has a odd business model. And i am not sure if the pipeline to Max works. For premade stuff, XFrog still seems to be alive. Or Forester from 3dquakers. But this one’s just for cinema or Softimage. It remains difficult ^^