What workflow to use to texture this dirt road?


Hi everyone,

I’m currently texturing a dirt road in 3ds Max 2019, however I don’t know whether I’m doing this completely the wrong way or if there is a better workflow I should use. As you can see from the first picture- the road is 4 triangles wide (or 3 meters) when the Unwrap UVW modifier is applied to the dirt road with a 6k diffuse map applied to it. In the UVW Unwrap editor I see all the bunch of little triangles that make up the road scattered in random places (2nd picture).

The problem is all the triangles are showing little bits and pieces of the road. I want the entire road to show not just little bits and pieces of the dirt road map, but the whole texture map being visible on the road model. Would it be ideal to scale the triangles so big that the length of the road is the same as four triangles put together? (See picture 3). What is the workflow that some of you guys would suggest when it comes to texturing a dirt road?