What we can look forward to once Subscriptions start



Another well known and loved by me product recently acquired by Adobe gave me this. Not only did I lose 5 mins of my life sorting this out it reminded me of what we have to look forward to with software that phones home. Substance Painter Indie is seriously great value though and that’s sort of the only thing that would keep me with C4D. Already familiarising myself with Blender and it seems more than capable of most stuff. Eevee is really interesting too, but I digress.


“For nothing is evil in the beginning.”

JRR Tolkien:


I hope that beta-testers(singles, admins of render-farms) are testing to polish feature of lic. assignment. Or they finished and we can be beta-testers from begining of September.


To be fair about that issue with Substance…that was present long before any involvement with Adobe. I was having issues similar well over a year ago. It is the nature of the beast with live licensing that glitches can sometimes occur.

It took all of 2 minutes to resolve by downloading a license file from my account.

PITA?? yes. End of the world? no.


rsquires is real QuickSilver from X-Men Universe.