What to improve ? Any advice?


Hi there, hello (;
I recently finished(?) this image, was focusing mainly on anatomy and lighting.
My question to you is : What, in your opinion, should be improved in this piece ? What requires more work ?
I’m still fighting with painting faces - my problem is that I can paint portraits, I know anatomy of skull and so on but when it comes to paint full character I have a big problem with that.
My question is - when artists are painting full body characters’ concept or illustration they are painting big faces and then transform it to little one or they have such big canvas that they are able to paint on super zoom ? :stuck_out_tongue:

Cheers !


That looks pretty cool. Reminds me a bit of Phil Hale’s work.

How big are you working (resolution)? And what is your monitor’s resolution? Usually artists don’t purposely paint the faces very large and then shrink them. They simply set the resolution of their image and go to work. They’ll zoom in to specific areas as needed.