What specs are the most important for building a personal render machine?


Thanks for sharing your current 3D specific computer knowledge!

I recently got back into 3D rendering for architecture/interior design after ~10 years working as a graphic designer and want to build/buy a second computer to send render jobs to while working on my other computers. My past experience was all in Maya with an in house render farm.

I currently have:
M1 Macbook (from work) seems like it does everything well, I have only ever seen it struggle on a poorly optimized and huge Sketchup file that another designer made. Are the M1’s that good? Seems crazy to have a laptop that is similar (better?) than a custom PC. Anyone using the M1 Mac Mini?

Ryzen3600 GTX1660 PC I originally geared for Gaming FPS@1080p. Seem like good modeling/layout performance. Using the Card render option in V-Ray (I am V-Ray Newb) seems faster?

So far both work decent for everything I am doing in 3D, including modeling, rendering, etc. in Sketchup, V-Ray, Enscape, Yulio, and Blender. (Not using Maya anymore)

What is the best option for spending 1-2K on another machine? I have heard that more cores are better for rendering? Should I be looking at dual cards? Nvidia vs other brands? Any specific CPUs I should be considering?