What should I do to make this ring? (AGAIN with ZBRUSH)


Hey guys, I think that you’ve known the question I posted a couple of weeks ago. The thing is that I forgot to add the actual program I was using, and I forgot to say one thing, is that, I didn’t know what to do to begin AT ALL after so many failed attempts, but my account was terminated from replying and posting a new topic again. So today, in new clothing, I’m back with the original question, with an actual program (Zbrush 2020) and with a purpose which is to begin from SCRATCH. I was asked to be more specific, but I didn’t even know what to do, step by step, to ask for something, really specific. So once again, I hope to hear your opinions and instructions. Because this is a thing that has been a pain in my ass for a while, a long one, thank you.
Edit: After this question, I tried to use a flat feather wing and wrap it (using Deformer) but it didn’t look right. I did take into account one solution but I still ended up so confused so here I am again.