What program to use for chocolate bar build and animation



I am new to the 3D world and so far have basic/intermediate Adobe Dimensions and After Effects experience. I want to eventually learn how to build a detailed bar and animate it breaking like this:


It says that Cinema 4D, Houdini and After Effects was used for the project. Can anyone shed some light on why Cinema 4D was used as opposed to other programs like ZBrush or Blender? Would this be a preference or are there some things that were done in C4D particularly that other programs cant do?

I am assuming that the break effect was done in Houdini and the slow motion was done in After Effects (feel free to shed any more like on this with what else was used). Was Houdini used because it can produce detailed TV quality breaks or is that also a preference?


This scene is not that complex that it would require solely C4D or any other software.
C4D is commonly used in commercials, motion production. But there’s nothing in this scene you couldn’t achieve in 3ds Max, Maya or any other major software.
If you want to work in a particular field, explore which sofrware is commonly required in jobs postings.
I think Zbrush was used for modeling anyway, and it wasn’t mentioned because it’s so common like Photoshop for 2d. It’s taken for granted.
There’s some caramel simulation, and there are external and internal plugins for for such simulations (fluid) for each software. Most of them don’t come bundled, and you have to pay extra. Maybe C4D has good internal simulation, I’m not sure.