What Painter brush would Craig Mullins use?


I stand in awe, looking at Craig Mullins’s artwork (www.goodbrush.com). Thus, I’ve come to ask:

Since I have Painter (no PS for me), what brush would approach Craig Mullins’s style the most? If there are more than one, could you please point out to me which ones?

I’m a newbie to the whole digital-painting movement, but I’m eager to drift aboard it’s rather exciting waters.



No such thing, because Craig is a highly experimental painter who tries new things all the time. He loves doing new things, using new techniques, painting in new styles. So, the entire brush collection is game for someone like him. Follow the speedpainting thread at sijun forums and you’ll see him do all kinds of crazy things in both Painter and Photoshop.


Well, Socar Myles mentioned at her site, that he uses texture brushes, from time to time. My question is, why do you care? I mean, when I first saw Luna’s stuff I was amazed. I wanted to paint everything using the pallette knife. But Luna uses an Intuos, while I use a graphire, so my results were never going to approach being close to his, even if I had the same level of talent and skill(I don’t).

I started improving, when I stopped wonderring about what other people do. I started playing with Painter. Painter is most fun when you don’t have a pic in mind and just start playing, editing brush variants, and experimenting with different types of layers and brushes. So much fun. Just have fun.

BTW, don’t Mr. Mullins’ “oil sketches” drive you nuts? I mean what he calls a sketch looks like a finished painting to me. grrr. I think maybe when he was made, he got a heaping cupfull of talent, while I got a level teaspoon of the stuff:D


Well Craig Mullin came to my college to do a lecture and to show a demo on the way he paints and when using photoshop; most of his brushes are the defualt brushes that comes with photoshop, so the texture brushes are just that the defualt photoshop brushes and he only has on custom brush that looks like a tree branch that he uses from time to time. A few tips that he said to do is to make sure when you start on a painting is to cover the whole canvas and not to leave any blank spots unless that is what your going for. He also showed us how he usually likes to start a digital painting by taking on of his old works and take a piece of it that he likes the texture of and do all sorts of thing to it like enlarge, crop, change the color value, and even rotate just to get the base texture then he paints over it to what he is going for. It is amazing to watch him work, I also got my wacom graphire 3 sign by him. =) woohoo! Ok that’s a little nuts but in a way when I see that signature it kinda inspires me. I think I’ll ask about that experimenting thing if he comes back next year. If anyones wondering how we snag Craig Mullin to come to our college, well one of our instructors, Sharon Sussman a great artist in her own and a cool teacher, knows Craig Mullins for years and has worked with him before.

Oh yeah I’ve seen some of Lunatique’s work and the guys got some mad skillz!!! It puts me in awe and it really inspires me to keep working at my own measly skills to get decent and hopefull just as good one day. Also I downloaded the pencil brush that he mentions on several threads and it is just big time SwwwWWWWWeeEEEEEETTT!! Saying that it is better than the defualt painter pencil brush is majorly understating it!


He uses a lot photos.


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