What is the best way to go?


Hey all, I’ve been dabbled in 3DS back in late 2000s and have since been on a hiatus. Life took me down a different path, which had ultimately led me back to working on 3D stuff. I’m a part of a very small, amateur dev team that consists of like-minded individuals trying to build something fun and potentially lucrative. We’re working on a slot game that we hope will give our studio some exposure, leading us into more serious projects.

Anyway, my job is to figure out our graphics. We already have a 2D artist working on static stuff and texture packs, but it’s my job to create the main character. This is an anime inspired slot, so the main character will most likely take on a form similar to these examples https://www.nodepositworld.com/features/anime-themed-slots-with-free-spins/ I’m torn between a detailed, realistic model, or a more cartoonish character.

My question is, if I were to go with a high-poly realistic model, what would be the best way to export that project if we wanted to use it in a relatively compact package? Our dev team plans on doing most of the heavy lifting on the server side, but we still need the graphics to load quickly client-side. I feel well out of my depth here, so any advice is more than welcome.