What is the best hierarchy in Object manager iside of C4D? I mean the structure of all object and effectors etc


Hello, let me explain this, I have bunch of object in object manager, together with some mograph and some effectors, some belong to one mograph and some belong to another… After some while i have got all project messed up! :slight_smile: I really mean how to organized my whole project structure in Object manager?

Do you know the page in documentation or some web page with tips about it or do you have some suggestions? Leave it here please! :slight_smile:


You can always brake it into layers with colors.
And subsequently also break materials into layers to match the object manager objects.

Right-click on an object and you’ll find the Add to New Layer and Layer Manager options.


Yeh i know about object layers but my question pointed to organisation of object like effectors and mograph object together… cameras and lights etc… Do these object have some hierarchy in which they should be placed in some order?


Oh that kind of organizing … sorry …

Cameras, Lights and other scene objects don’t have functional hierarchies (other than simple parenting)

Effectors and Field are stand-alone because they have their own field-lists. But for organizational purposes you can also have Fields under their corresponding Effectors.

(I think) The only thing that can save you is good naming and null-grouping.


You can check out Aturtur script AR_Folder for organising. Great little helper and there is a lot good other script in there.

Here a little example how it works on Twitter…



Yeh, but things could go wors when you have got field which affects two or more effectors at once :slight_smile: i have to make some habbit about it


Try manipulating Fields with common Effectors with Xpresso and see if that makes your workflow easier.
99% of the cases I work with Xpresso is to change multiple parameters on many objects from a single interface.