What is the best 3D program for environmental modeling?


I am 18 years old and I am getting ready for college. I am aiming to become a concept designer, but that is so broad to begin with. I want to work in the gaming industry so I hope you understand what I want.
So I am working on these scenes, environments, and I have concepts, but I want to make the foundation in 3D, and then finish it in PS.
Since 3D is inevitable, I will have to use it someday anyways, I picked up Maya as it is kind of an industry standard. I know that is is complicated and all, and I know how powerful it is, and how it takes a long time to learn, but that is not a problem, I am here to learn.

So the question is, is it a good choice to learn Maya, since I see Blender getting more and more popular?
And also, is it suitable for quickly setting up scenes and then making fast renders so that I can continue using that same render of that environment in PS? I hope you get what I’m saying.





Nowadays, choice of DCC software isn’t that applicable as it had been 5 - 10yrs ago but what hasn’t changed is the quality of ones work which remains the primary aspect for entry.

Yes, definitely although workflows will vary slightly between realtime and off-line rendering.

I’m also curious if you’ve looked into relevant online resources to self-learn thus far, as guidance to get the ball rolling.


Thank you so much, this really means a lot!

Yes I have, but if you have some more suggestions I would appreciate it. Anything is pretty much useful…


What you need is quite basic, so any major program will do.
If you’d work in a pipeline, then for movies Maya is still more relevant, and in games 3ds max is still a standard, as well as in the archviz. But in your case the final output is images, not scene assembly for the engines or renderers. Maya, Max or any other are quite capable of poly modeling.
Maybe just add Zbrush for fun and clay modeling.


As @mister3d alluded too, start small then begin to progress from there on in. Can be a tad bumpy in parts but otherwise a fun ride overall, good luck with it.


Thank you so much, this really helped!!!

I just needed to know that if I start with Maya that I wont make a mistake. These were just the answers I needed…