What is Messiah like?


What is Messiah like? Is it easy to use? How does is differ from other packages like mudbox or zbrush?


well you cant model in it. you can render and animate in it.


Its what those packages aren’t. You can’t animate in Zbrush so you need a good animation package to get things moving. Same for Mudbox. Messiah fits the bill quite nicely.

What is it like to use? Well it is very lean and mean. There are no floating windows so in that way its kind of unique. Everything has a place and everything in its place. If you go to setuptab.com, click on training and then click on “quick tour” you can get a rough overview of where things are and what they do.

Hope that helps.


Can you import rigs and IKsetup from other packages or do you have to go through the process of re-creating the bone hierarchy and keyframes?


There are some people that import bone animation through the BVH interchange format but the primary use and power comes from the rigs and animation you create yourself in messiah. With Autorig it is a very simple process but if you want to get even more custom there is a LOT of power to do so. messiah:studio has a great expression engine and there is more and more training material out there for getting familiar with it all every day.


And how “AUTO” is AutoRig?


Click the button “Autorig” and you have a rig in the scene.


Sized and ready to animate your character?


You size the autorig down to fit your toon. you can check out the http://www.usefulslug.com/ he has lots of info on auto rigger. also check http://www.projectmessiah.com/x4/tutorials.htm


Thanks VERY much for the info!


The best and fastest tool for animation you can find on the market! Ideal for intuitive animators who don’t want to get lost in a zillion unnecessary technical, mathematical work arounds and allows you (thanks to features like autorig) to produce animation in terms of days… That allowed me to get my ideas where they are today :slight_smile:

Some of my work animated with Messiah:studio

Plankton invasion ( 1 webisode / month)
Setting a poze
Fair trading? (in 3weeks thanks to the fast autorig tool)

And the following (in pre production) project: 850 meterswill be fully produced with Messiah.

Also check this out, this guy played around with the Messiah / Zbrush combination, amazing stuff! Tarron

Hope this helps.



Messiah is one of the best and easiest too to animate characters.


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