What is a Script Mining Rig? Can it be converted to work for Visual Graphics use?


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In looking for a new /used Audio/Video comp, I ran into this on Craigslist

Custom Built Scrypt Mining Systems

The system hardware:

1- Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3 V4 PCIE v3 Motherboard

1- Quad Core CPU

5- Sapphire R9 280x Dual X GPU Graphic Cards

2- 4Gb Kingston Hyper DDR3 Memory

1- 1500w Cooler Master Platinum (equal to or greater then)

1- 802.11b/g/n Wireless Wifi Card

Well my first question even after reading the posts description was/is

  • What the heck is a Scrypt Mining Rig used for?

So I looked it up - Nothing but on how to do it and how the are building rigs to do it. Something pertaing to [BitCoins…???] and the like.

Okay so I looked up what a scrypt is and according to Wiki

I did get the scrypt is based or has something to do with or is done with Graphics Card[s] - which would explain why there are 5 GC’s in the above example system.

So what is Scrypt Mining? Is it a rig to do brute force attacks?

Second thought was - Wow! Five Graphics Cards… hmmm :lightbulb

Five GC’s that’s at least 5 Monitors - in the above system 10 since they are dual

  • and if you make it 6 GC’s and CrossFire each pair… :lightbulb


I’m just pondering the possibilities of something like this for CG.

  • Could this type system have a use in CG?

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This looks like a machine for mining bitcoins or cracking security keys. It uses GPUs for the difficult calculations that produce bitcoins or crack keys.
The graphics cards were never used to display anything and would be nearly useless for any standard 3D DCC app. You could only benefit from the rig if you were using a render engine that supports the GPUs.
I wouldn’t touch it with a pole as a 3D workstation since these rigs usually run at top speed, often heavily overclocked, for long times

edit: Just saw that it is new so runtime shouldn’t be a problem. Please note though that it does not mention the CPU at all, this is because it is only used to control the GPU calculations and is therefore very likely the minimum you can get away with.


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Hope all is well with you and yours.

I found out more about this mining thing. Yeah, it’s something to do with online currency. Even Forbes has av article on how to build a mining machine. I guess you mine the net more this stuff and turn it into real money…?


Here’s a guide to building a 6 GPU rig that gives the processer chip /mb combos.


I know they aren’t using these rigs for display, but I’m thinking they could be used in that manor.

The fact they are running 6 GC’s off one quad core MB has me fasinated. That and pondering possibilities for other uses for something like this.

Maybe daisy chain it and … I don’t know. lol. I’ve never seen a rig like it or heard of this type mining, let alone mining for play money that turns to real money somehow. But in searching these things and mining, it apparently a big deal for a lot of people.

Gaming rigs are even being posted as Gaming/Mining comps…?

Just pondering the possibilities and alternative uses for such a rig in the digital creation field.

They are interesting set ups though.

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With this type of rig you have to stop thinking of GPUs as something related to graphics display. They are fast computation units and heavily focused on that task.


Actually there is a lot of talk regarding using GPU computing in relation to Graphics and Video Editing.

AMD is working “hQ” which in essence uses the GPU and CPU over stepping or cutting out the OS.

Then there is ARM who is also looking at GPU computing for Mobile - using multi-GPU Cores

ARM has released designs for two new Mali GPU cores, including a 16-core part that should help bring higher-end capabilities like video-editing and gesture control to smartphones and tablets.

The extra cores on the higher-end T760 will help to enable features like video editing, gesture recognition and high resolution 4K displays on tablets,

NVidia has some pdf’s for coding multi graphics cards [CUDA] for use with Graphics Design.
They’re multi-part - Google the following and you’ll find them:

“Mixing graphics and compute with multiple GPUs”

Mulitple GC’s benefit gamers for sure. Perhaps those creating games would benefit as well… don’t know but it seems logical they would.

With the advent of 4K 120hz 120fps rates - multi core GPU’s are going to be a must. But for now using multiple GC might work.

The MSI Z77A-GD65 MB can handle up to 7 Graphics Cards -there must be a reason aside from mining - I would think there would be a reason.

CAD software uses GPU computation rather than CPU doesn’t it? I think I remember reading something to that extent.

Besides all that though I do like the thought of using a riser for the GC’s - even if you only had two. It would help with heat issues.

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Edit: Speaking on the brute force attack use - I did find this article:
25 GPU Cluster cracks Standard Windows Passwords in less than 6 Hours

Interesting article - though not to worry just yet as they are speaking of an “Offline Hack” but it is a pretty wicked looking rig:


yeah Shrek I guess you’re right - there is no real advantage these days for this type rig in Garphics.

I haven’t had my finger on the tech pulse in a while, but I see that most of my train of thought of benefits and use for this type rig have been or are being addressed by the GC and Motherboard Manufacturers.

Motherboards are adding more space/ making bigger boards to accomidate the SLIe cards allowing more air flow. Though I haven’t seen these MB’s locally at Tiger Direct - only online. They are much bigger MB’s with 7 SLIe slots. I found them of course on the Japanese sites and mentioned on sites that build these type mining rigs. But most MB Manufacturers are making them MSI - Gigabyte - Asus - etc etc. I’m looking them over for a new build since my comp died last week.

GC Cards are adding more cores and making them more efficient like the NVidia GTX690 announced in February which has over 2,500 CUDA cores and dropped 50 watts of consumption. Nice to see. Though I haven’t checked I’m curious to see what advances are being implemented to the Quadro line.

One thing I read on I didn’t particularly like was how NVidia was planning to handle 4k with a split and re-sew of the 4K image on the long side. I don’t know if they actually went this route, but this method just doesn’t set well with me for some reason.

AMD GC’s have some kick butt stuff as well with 6 HDMI outputs on a single card.

ARM is kicking butt with the K450 for mobile and so is NVidia and others.

The one thing I haven’t read more on is the GPU direct to CPU that was mentioned side stepping or circumventing the OS - I really like that idea.

Anyway - it was fun toying with the thought of what could be done with such a rig. I’m glad I don’t have to build one to do what can be done with just a couple GC cards along the lines of what I was thinking about.

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