What IDE do you use for MEL development?


Yes it is.
Have fun with it.
I should try to find the time to finish some more advanced features and release a version 2. There is some new cool stuff since long time now, But I’ve never released a version 2.



Hey Max! Whata surprise seeing you posting here! :]
I mean … of course you have to promote a little bit… :scream:

      So whudup? Continue working on MelStudio2 Now? Hell I have a mountain of cool Ideas! And I was coding a LOT mel recently!
      meanwhile I'm using NotePad++, WinMerge and of course MelStudio Pro but with a little help from Autohotkey as well!
      I set up some cool Hotkeys with Autohotkey, for instance:

Win+2: “surrounds text with quote signs”
[b] Win+:[/b]surrounds text with the … ehm -signs
Win+9: (surrounds text with round braces)
Win+0: creates:

     	| // <-- cursor here automatically

Alt+W: creates a printout for the selection. Let it be a $variable or anything that returns a non-array. E.g: I have $variable selected and hit Alt+w:

print("$variable: " + $variable + "
     // on execution there will be:
$variable: bla

And now the KILLER feature:
Alt+Q: invokes a whatIs on the selection but also:

[li]takes me to the place where the selected procedure is defined (IN Mel Studio!)[/li][li]prints the flags for a selected command[/li][li]prints the content command of a RunTimeCommand[/li][/ul]The first part is quite tricky but it works!: of course I have a custom whatIz-proc for that. If there was a Mel Proc selected this whatIz system-runs a separate whatIzOpener.ahk-script with the path to the file and the line number as arguments. Then it simply does what Autohotkey is all about: It just presses Ctrl+O to open the Open-dialog, pastes the path into the path-field, presses Enter and voila! The file is loaded in Mel Studio. Additionally it presses Ctrl+G for goto line and pastes the linenumber plus it selects the evaluated line.
Sounds long and dirty but actually its just:
select procname, press Alt+Q, ready

Darn Max… You know I don’t want to set you under pressure. But … hey its a darn pity. There is SO much more potential in your software…

About command-Port stuff for other coding-apps: I mean… pretty cool that you can remote execute stuff in Maya. I actually never tried it. What about the script history? Is it returned too to the remote editor? I mean … what would I be without Mayas returned stuff?


I’ve used Mel Studio Pro exclusively since school.

@Max - fantastic work. If I could get only one thing for 2.0 - search/replace in files.

It’s the only thing over the past few years that consistently requires me to leave mel studio for another application (ultraedit).

Anyone know about a timeframe for a 2008 release?


probably in one week or so.


great news, thanks for the quick response.


Finally it gonna be released

Rencently I’m learning Maxscript. And i found a cool utility allows u run script and got result
within ultraedit, it’s just like an integrated editor


the mxscom can be downloaded here

I didn’t get the output with ultraedit 13.2 and max8 sp3, but hey i can run maxscript in ultraedit now, and ultraedit is full blown script editor

Is there a maya equivalent of this thing? I’m not sure how the mxscom works, since i’m not a programmer myself, but if there is a way, it’ll be extremely cool.


@oglop: First I thought: what the heck has this to do with MEL Development!!! But then … okok your question: Yes: Every editor that supports code execution can tunnel code to maya via a maya command port. I don’t know how to set up one. But must be easy thoug. Since I use Mel Studio wich is integrated in Maya I don’t nee something like that. With mel studio I not only have MEL execution in Maya but the return stuff as well (what offers me cool stuff like described above^^)

@Max: still good to read from you. hope you start another beta soon ;]


Still no news about MEL Studio for Maya 2k8? :sad:


I sent the build yesterday to Digimation. MEL Studio for Maya 2008 will be available in few days, if it’s not already.



Thats good news, MaxL! Though the ppeps at Autodesk improved the Script Editor, it is still not even close to MEL Studio Pro. Ill get myself a fresh copy asap. Thanks!


I wrote mapy few days ago and I think it is useful.:slight_smile:

Check it out :deal:


-Use maya powerful programming language without using it’s native script editor. -Support for MEL and Python.

-Send your scripts with single hotkey.


Feel free to send me bugs or your wish list.:slight_smile:


[left]Hey Farsheed!

Mapy looks really neat. I have succeeded sending the script file both from PsPad and Visual Studio to Maya. But I don’t seem to get any feedback from mapy about the execution of the script. I was wondering, does mapy send that data from Maya as its output?

Edit: Tried running mapy from cmd shell, it doesn’t seem to return any output at all. So I’m guessing that’s the reason VS and PsPad won’t get any results from Maya :slight_smile:

Also, being able to select a bunch of MEL code and then send just it to Maya to check the results of its execution is doggone great. Often times you wish to just execute some of the code line by line and see what’s the output.

I believe that PsPad and Visual Studio provide the mechanism for invoking the external command with the currently selected text. So on your side you could make mapy to pass that text to Maya instead of passing the whole file. And of course sending the Maya’s response back as the command output would put the cream on the cake :slight_smile:

Cheers :slight_smile:


I will the maya output in next version of mapy. Next version (1.1.4) will be available on January 05.


Ok, The new version (1.1.4) is here.

[font=georgia,times new roman,times,serif]-Supports [color=Plum]command output from maya to a[/color][/font]ny program like Visual Studio, Crimson Editor, SciTE, PsPad , …
Feel free to send me bugs.
Ha[color=Red]vE fUN.


You really should be sleeping at these hours :smiley:

Now that’s much better with the output from Maya seen in your editor. Two things if I may:

I think one would prefer the clean Maya output to be displayed. Maybe just word “MEL:” or “Python:” as the first line with the Maya output afterwards.

There seems to be a slight problem with the output that mapy catches. It looks like it only catches the first output that maya produces, ignoring the further ones.

Example code:

print "Hello world!
print “And this should be printed too!”;

The second printout is not caught by mapy.
Tell me if you plan on adding the “partial” execution as a feature. If not I could write a small batch script that would handle that by creating a temporary file out of user selected text and then sending it to mapy.

Have a good night :slight_smile:


Well, thanks. I try to Fix them on 1.1.6. maybe two days later.
Good night.


That sounds good.

I’ve tried implementing the “execute selected” thing, but there seems to be a problem with command line interpreter. Once you select more than 2 lines of code, it will contain the "
" character. When parsing that to an external program the argument string will be cut by that character. So technically you can only send 1 line as an argument. So it seems that there is not much that can be done with the batch script.

But PsPad (and I believe other editors as well) provides the variable with the “selection start index” and the “selection length”.

So if you find it useful you could extend mapy to receive 2 additional integer arguments. The selStart and selLength.

If selLength is 0, then mapy would transfer the whole file to Maya. Otherwise it would read the file and cut the piece starting with selStart and ending with selStart + selLenght. And then send that piece to Maya. It should be not hard to implement and would increase mapy’s usability immensely.



Thank you very much for your info. I’ll try to implement this to mapy. I think it will be available on January 08.


Hi there,

I just test “mapy” and man, works like a charm, just perfect :slight_smile:
I’m using notepad++, but i’m gonna give a chance to the crimson editor and see how it works.

I have been fighting with eclipse and pydev extensions for some days with any result :S

Well, just wanna say thanks rferl for sharing his app, thanks a lot :slight_smile:

keep posting updates!


hi Henry. I wana ask you a question.
-Current version of mapy(1.1.5) works in this way:
mapy <path to file name>

-And I want version 1.1.6 works:
mapy <path to file name>
mapy <path to file name> <start line> <end line>

Are you agree with this change? I mean isn’t it easy to implement with other apps?
Or you have better Ideas?

Thanks in advance.