What IDE do you use for MEL development?


[i]Cutter was originally intended to be a RenderMan text editor that would enable users to conveniently create, edit, render and compile rib documents and shading language source code files. Since its introduction in 2001 I have added many “RenderMan savvy” features to Cutter to ensure it is a self contained environment.

		In addition to being tightly coupled to Rib and RSL it has also evolved 			into a useful text editor for a number of other scripting and  			programming languages such as Tcl, Mel, Python, Perl, Vfl, Ifd, Html, Shake, 			C, CPP and Java.[/i] 			




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My vote goes to Maxya. I tried all the others but got tired of trying to figure out how to get the Maya syntax color functions working, plugins, etc. With Maxya I don’t have to be a software engineer it just works.

I love how you can run your scripts straight from the interface and it even has a Save and Source function built in. You can also middle click your script and drag it onto the Maya shelf. It is fully customizable and the help resources are easy to use. Bugs are quickly responded to and fixed, and suggestions well taken.


Editplus & Visual C++ 8.0


I’m very interested in notepad++ but i’m having a real problem getting the syntax highlighting to work. There is no mel language showing up under the pop-up “languages”.
I’ve downloaded both these and placed the contents as stated or as far as I understood anyway.
I’m never able to get these syntax highlighting to work in any editor =(.



Would love some help on this. Thanks.


u can use editplus
i have a highlighting syntax file for editplus.

if you want it.
just give me your email by pm.


My vote is for MAXYA pro version.


My vote goes for Maxya Pro too. Great for Mel and Python!


Maxya ist my favourite, too. Unfrotunately, there isn’t a Linux version available. What editor do you recommend for Linux?


i use jedit on linux. You can port it so its connected to maya when running commands.


im trying to find one for macs, w/the features like crimson have. I’m using textwrangler but I’m sure what to look for to make it work for mel scripting. I’m very knew to it. But by watching the gnomon intro to mel tutorials they suggested to use external script editors. It would help if it was free or at a very low cost. Thanks to whoever responds.



I can gush for hours and hours about Textmate for the Mac for any type of development work. There’s a bundle that does MEL syntax highlighting and also has a send to Maya/script editor command.

For what it’s worth I was a hardcore BBEdit fan for the longest time, but the elegance of some of the hinting/auto-procedure stuff just rocks my world.



I really love using maxya, it’s fantastic.

I’m starting work soon and I have a fishy feeling I’ll be on a Linux box, so no maxya for me :frowning:


I use Gvim :slight_smile: simple, fast and efficient. And crossplatform :rolleyes:


Definitely agree. So frustrating to deal with editors that take forever to open, and are hugely bloated. Absolutely love TextMate.


Have you guys been able to get TextMate + MEL plugin working on OSX Leopard 10.5.8 & Maya 2011?

Every time I submit a command from TextMate, it sends Maya into an infinite loop and prints “Syntax Error” redundantly. I have to force close Maya to break it.


Hi there,

I was reading through this post a while ago and decided to buy Maxya from http://www.tarzworkshop.com/

I really like this editor but it seems that he stopped development for it due to the Maya QT switch.

Digimation also dropped their MELStudio. It’s still on their website but they will not update to Maya 2011 for the same reason Maxya seems died…

Can someone give a short list of workable MEL editors they use that’s more recent than a lot of leads in this topic?

My thinking goes toward Eclipse. But then again Eclipse is tedious to install and maintain ( I used it on a web project a couple of years back). Notepad++ has MEL syntax highlighting but no code completion or any other fancy tools.

The script editor inside Maya ain’t cutting it for me either (code completion, documentation linking etc.)

Many Thanks